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We’re Obsessed With Diego Lukezic’s Tango Dog

New Orleans artist Diego Lukezic created Tango Dog based on small dog he played with as a child.

Melissa L. Kauffman  |  Apr 17th 2017

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When I was in New Orleans last fall, I visited the Kezic Gallery, which features artist Diego Lukezic and his wonderful Tango Dog artwork. Tango Dog was inspired by a small dog Diego played with as a child in an outdoor market of Buenos Aires. Diego’s artwork is bold and fun, and I love it!

Kezic Gallery in New Orleans. (Photo courtesy Kezic Gallery)

Kezic Gallery in New Orleans. (Photo courtesy Kezic Gallery)

For you cat and bird lovers, Diego also created Downtown Cat and Arnie Bird, who can often be found hanging out with Tango Dog. Diego told me he has expanded the studio since I had visited, so there is even more to see. He also has a studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico, for those of you exploring the Southwest. Or, peruse his paintings on the Kezik Gallery Facebook page.