Watch These Dogs Take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The canny canines in these videos are completing the challenge in their own quirky ways.


The ALS ice bucket challenge has turned into a viral phenomenon — which of course means that at this point people are chomping at the bit to add their twist to the shenanigans and dunk water on the heads of their dogs. Naturally, then, here are seven charitable canines who have signed up to complete the ice bucket challenge in their own inimitable ways. (Spoiler: One features bacon.)

Meet Ammo the Dachshund. His hobbies are hanging out in the bath, wearing a shower cap, and acting as it nothing untoward at all has happened when his owner dumps a cup of (warm) water on his head. What a star.

This is Betty, a Corgi pup who’s put her own tasty spin on the ice bucket challenge. In something of a win-win situation (at least for the dog), she has persuaded her owner to empty a bucket of bacon rashers on her head. Much chowing ensues.

Double trouble alert! These two Frenchies were not harmed during the filming of their ice bucket challenge — “They were hot and needed an ice bath anyway,” apparently — but they wasted no time in scooting off once they had received their liquid refreshment.

Well, at least this chocolate Lab is trying. Remember, in matters of both life and the ice bucket challenge, it’s the taking part that counts, not necessarily the execution. Unless you’re some form of henchman.

A thoughtful canine twist on the ice bucket challenge — and a sensible way to keep your pooch refreshed during the late-summer days.

This one’s all about the anticipation: Show the cute Chihuahua, let the camera linger — and then douse her with a tiny cup of water. Classic anticlimactic ice bucket challenging!

It is as if this dog is saying, “Hey people, don’t waste water, just donate!” Just a thought.

Would you do the ice bucket challenge on your dog? Tell us why or why not in the comments.

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