YAY! Bruno, the Last Dog at the Hurricane Sandy Shelter Has Been Adopted!

The sad story comes to a happy end as the Rottweiler goes to a forever home. We live for moments like these.

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A few weeks ago, we wrote about Bruno, the last dog at the temporary hurricane shelter in Nassau County, N.Y., which housed dogs and cats who lost their homes because of Sandy. It was a touching story — Bruno faced an uncertain future. The saddest part? After his owner visited, the 7-year-old Rottweiler would howl for a half hour.

The shelter indeed closed, and Bruno made it out okay. Sadly, however, his owner had to relinquish him, because he was still having trouble getting back on his feet after Sandy destroyed his home. Bruno was taken in by Northwind Kennels, which were fielding “hundreds” of adoption requests brought on by the intense media coverage.

Finally, Bruno has his forever-home happy ending. He was adopted Thursday by Melville couple Marc and Karen Siegel, according to CBSNewYork.com.

The Siegels said they visited Bruno four or five times, and that he seemed “like a perfect fit” for their family.

Northwind owner Penny Smith-Berk agreed.

“Bruno is a very special dog and he will now be going to a very special home,” she said. “Marc and Karen are the perfect family for Bruno.”

Bruno gets a giant fenced yard to play in, which is quite a change from being caged up in the storm shelter for so long. Marc Siegel and his family are thrilled with how everything turned out.

“I can’t thank everybody enough at the Nassau County SPCA and again the kennel in Bedford for all the wonderful things they’ve done working with Bruno and finding him a good home,” he said. “People like this who do charitable work, they are not in it to make money, they’re in it just for the love of the animals.”

Via CBSNewYork.com; photos via Northwind Kennels’ Facebook

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