It’s Take Your Dog to Work Day! Guess the Jobs of These Dogs

We found some very funny photos of dogs doing, uh, things. What are their professions?


It’s the 14th Annual Take Your Dog to Work Day! Otherwise known as: The Day You Will Get Nothing Done Because Your Coworkers Will Be Loving Up on Your Mutt All Day! Yay!

But seriously … this day kind of snuck up on us because every day is Take Your Dog to Work Day here at Dogster HQ. Also yay!

To celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day, we’ve found 10 dogs who are up to some very serious business. Can you guess what their professions are? It’s not always so obvious.

Okay, here we go:

1. A dog drinking from an outside toilet

If you guessed his job is being “just a dog,” you’re wrong! This dog is selling overpriced toilet water at a sporting event.

2. A dog wrapped in aluminum foil

Right, you thought this dog was a professional knight in shining armor, didn’t you? Well, close, but no cigar. This dog is a pork chop leftover.

3. A dog sitting by a computer staring anxiously at food

Did you guess that this dog is a food taster? You would be incorrect. This dog is a Thai food delivery driver and the dude he just brought food to was all, “Let me try this before giving you tip,” so the dog is all like, “I hope the MSG works its magic.”

4. A dog lying down on a desk

Oh, you might have thought that this dog is merely this man’s companion, but you would be wrong. This dog is a wrist support for the man’s keyboard — ergonomics is very important!

5. A dog smiling at the camera

I know what you’re thinking, “Liz, this is just a dog,” but that’s exactly what the dog wants you to think. See, the dog is distracting you from the bloody murder of the human by his dog accomplice behind him. He’s an alibi!

6. A black dog during a black night

No, this isn’t that scene from The NeverEnding Story (don’t look at me that way, you know the one I am talking about), this dog is an assurance that your children will always pick up their rooms and make their bed.

7. A dog begging for your food

You’re all, “Seriously, Liz, this is just a dog being a dog,” and I’m all, “No! This dog is a professional weight loss coach!” She stares at you as if to say, “Are you sure you want that second piece of cake?” (At which point I would fire her.)

8. A dog sitting next to a bike

Wait, what? You think this dog is a bike guard dog? Haha — no. This dog is a bike messenger on a break. Don’t ask me how his paws reach the pedals — that’s rude.

9. A dog sitting on a dock

Wrong again — this is not a fishing dog. This dog is a model and I’m working on a watercolor of this scene. Seriously.

10. A Retriever retrieving a tennis ball

“Okay, okay,” you say, “I get it now, Liz. Hmmm, let me guess: This dog is a rescue dog who saves tennis balls from drowning.” That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. This is a Labrador Retriever fetching a ball — nothing more and nothing less.

Hero photo: Chihuahua bossing a dude around by Shutterstock

Did you bring your dog to work today? What kind of work does your dog do? Let us know in the comments!

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