Survey: Dogs Really Are the New Kids

Father's Day and Mother's Day have come and gone, and I'll bet that many Dogsters had dogs to help celebrate these holidays. It's not just...


Father’s Day and Mother’s Day have come and gone, and I’ll bet that many Dogsters had dogs to help celebrate these holidays. It’s not just a sneaking suspicion based on how many of our readers call their dogs their fur kids; I happen to have some fun new statistics from a Milo’s Kitchen Pet Parent Survey, conducted by Kelton Research, that point to how dogs seem to have become the new kids.

81 percent of Americans consider their dogs to be equal members of the family
77 percent own up to talking about their pups as if they are a human family member
On average, dog owners have about seven photos of their dogs displayed in their homes or offices
Nearly a quarter of pet parents (23 percent) have a photo album dedicated to just pictures of their canines
16 percent have started scrapbooks for their dogs
71 percent admit that they have at least one picture on them at all times that they show off to others
58 percent of American dog owners are comfortable calling themselves nicknames such as Mommy and Daddy when referencing their dogs (no surprise in Dogster Land!)
35 percent refer to their dog as their son or daughter

Dogs are integral members of the family unit, and we want to shed light on this subtle, but important change from owner to parent. This survey showcases how pet parents today really treat their dogs like their own children, says Rob Leibowitz, Del Monte Foods Senior Vice President, Pet Products.

Dogsters, did you do anything special with your dog on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day? (Did your dog get you a present? 😉 )

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