Check Out This Super Dog’s Mad “Barkour” Skills

TreT, an Ukrainian AmStaff, shows us his own version of parkour, the "extreme walking" sport.


Parkour is an athletic noncompetitive discipline with the sole purpose of “moving around obstacles efficiently.” In other words, parkour is extreme walking. It’s sort of like an agility competition for humans. It might sound goofy, but it can actually look pretty cool, and the sport has its roots in 1920s France.

It’s even cooler when a dog does it, just like this super dog TreT, an American Staffordshire Terrier from the Ukraine. According to his human, Elchaninov — a former parkour athlete, or traceur, himself — all he needed to do was teach TreT some fundamental parkour moves to get the dog going. Now TreT leaps, bounds, climbs, and twists like an elegant dancer, and looks doggone rad doing it.

Thankfully for us, TreT’s human friend decided to put together a video of TreT’s awesome stunts, so we can revel in his physical prowess. According to Elchaninov, TreT improvises most of the stunts with little to no guidance. And if you take a look at the video, it looks like TreT is genuinely enjoying himself!

TreT is paws down one of the coolest dogs we’ve seen here on Dogster! And don’t worry, he performs only under the careful supervision of his human.

Via ThePostGame

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