Sonny Ray Spreads Pit Bull Positivity on Instagram and Beyond


When it comes to the social media circuit, Sonny Ray is one of the dog world’s champion pooches. This blue fawn Pit Bull rescue’s Instagram account has clocked up a hefty army of fans who check in daily to see pictures of Sonny and his owner, Josh Reyes, galavanting around the streets of Los Angeles while spreading their pro-rescue mission.

If you’ve not yet signed up for Sonny’s cause, here’s your introduction to this sunglass-wearing pooch and his growing Dogumantry movement.

The start of Sonny’s story

Sonny Ray was rescued back in June of 2010 by his owner, Josh Reyes, who found him in an abandoned house near his own abode. The two have been inseparable since that fateful day.

Sonny’s smile

When it comes to this pooch’s personality, he’s said to be “a vivacious Pit Bull who’s known for his loving spirit and sunglass-wearing antics.” To that end, his owner puts faith in the mantra, “A smile is not a sign of happiness but the cause of happiness.”

Sonny’s shades

This Pit Bull’s bio isn’t exaggerating when it claims that Sonny loves to don a pair of sunnies. As followers of his Instagram account know, it’s rare to catch him out and about in Los Angeles without a pair of shades perched on his snout.

Guardian of the court

Of course, it’s imperative to sport the appropriate eyewear when you’re attempting to safeguard some tickets to a basketball game featuring your beloved LA Lakers.

Dog gone wild

And here’s a photo of Sonny enjoying some shades and tongue-out action, just for good measure.

A life-changing look

Sure, it’s funny to look at pictures of dogs wearing sunglasses, but the story of Sunny’s shades goes deeper than just social media visuals. According to his owner, “The single moment that changed my life was when I put sunglasses on a dog and it made the world smile.” He adds, “Angels come in all shapes and sizes — some have paws and some wear shades.”

Social media moves

Six months after Josh rescued Sonny Ray, he became certified as an emotional therapy dog. At that point, Josh realized the impact this pooch could have on people, and he set about sharing their story with the world. Today, Sonny’s Instagram outlet helps brighten up the day of more than 70,000 fans and followers.

The Dogumantry movement

Sonny Ray has become the face of the Dogumantry brand. It’s an enterprise with the grand goal of spreading “love and smiles through Sonny Ray” and helping to end discrimination through “pawsativity.”

The Dogumantry motto

Josh explains the philosophy behind Sonny’s Dogumantry movement in grand terms:

“To lead a life in which we are inspired and can inspire others, our hearts have to be alive; they have to be filled with passion and enthusiasm. To achieve that, we need the courage to live true to ourselves. Rather than borrowing from or imitating others, we need the conviction to be able to think for ourselves and to take action out of our own sense of responsibility.”

The credo reads snappier if you recite it while wearing shades.

Turn it up

Music is also a vital part of the Dogumantry state of mind. As Sonny’s Instagram puts it, “Turn some good music on and smile every day. That’s an order from Sonny Ray.”

Sunset chasers

When not attempting to make the world crack a smile, Sonny can be found enjoying himself by partaking in long walks on the beach. From his Instagram account, it seems that he’s also something of a sunset chaser.

Reversed Rescue

Over the years, Josh and Sonny Ray have been big supporters of the Los Angeles-based Reversed Rescue organization. This nonprofit is all about helping Pit Bulls in need.

This is one worldwide pup

These days, Sonny Ray and his shades are recognized all around the world. The picture above shows some graffiti art that was painted in his honor over in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Get hip to Sonny Ray and his Dogumantry movement by following his Instagram account.

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