Cannabidiol dog treats.

Researchers Look to Cannabidiol to Fight Epilepsy in Dogs

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Although epilepsy in dogs can be controlled with medications, some dogs do not respond to treatment, and others can’t tolerate the drug’s side effects. In an effort to help these dogs, the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation has funded a clinical trial to investigate the use of cannabidiol to treat drug-resistant epilepsy. Cannabidiol or CBD is a compound found in the Cannabis sativa plant (the CBD enriched subspecies and not the high THC subspecies used for marijuana).

Cannabidiol or CBD may help dogs with epilepsy.

According to lead researcher Stephanie McGrath, D.V.M., Dipl. A.C.V.I.M. (neurology), of Colorado State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, cannabidiol has proven anticonvulsant properties.

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3 thoughts on “Researchers Look to Cannabidiol to Fight Epilepsy in Dogs”

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  2. I recently asked a question about cbd oil for pets to a popular dog forum named ” dogfoodadvisor ” . They told me that, actually cbd oil is working at the homeopathic side. “Homeopathic views differ greatly from traditional medicine.” Is it true? But a huge number of people buying cbd oil every day for their pet. So, is it really bad?

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