Photo of Dog’s Last Meal Brings Reddit Community to Tears

Lennox the Boxer may have lost the battle with cancer, but he got the dish of his dreams before heading to the Rainbow Bridge.


When you have to euthanize your beloved dog, you want all the snuggles and playtime you can get. But you have to think, what does the dog want? One man who had a cancer-ridden Boxer named Lennox knew exactly what his dog wanted: a turkey leg covered in bacon, laid on a pillow of rice next to two fat sausages and (from the looks of it) a solid hunk of bread.

An epic last meal, in other words.

Reddit user Nikolaoss posted a photo of the feast to the site yesterday, and it tore up the rankings (along with a few Redditors — many comments about crying in the comments). Later he posted further explanation. Lennox was his roommate’s dog, who had reached the end of his battle with cancer.

“He has severe cancer and arthritis,” he wrote. “After many surgeries, which include a tumor on his left ear which you can see had surgery on. Now there is a huge growth on his left shoulder that you can see in the pic, he can barely walk on that side, and barely gets up anymore.”

Nickolaoss also included a video. Lennox enjoyed his last meal very much, it seems. Watch for yourself:

Many Redditors expressed sympathy for the dog and shared their own stories. One user, soapage, had this to say:

“Well Nikolaoss tell your roomate for me this: I know a lot of people here don’t believe in heaven, but I think we all believe there is somewhere to go. He shall be put to sleep and his suffering will pass. In an instant his energy will burst out of his body with all the love that has been poured on him for years and it will be free. Most likely he will chase some squirrels and visit the cosmos, but I am pretty sure most of the time he will stick around with his human … waiting the exact moment to greet him with a nice face lick on the other side.”

In another post, Nikolaoss thanked the community for its compassion. “Thanks for all the comments, my roommate appreciates it a lot. This post isn’t meant to be sad in any way. He lived like an absolute boss all his life! And the meal reflects that!”

Lennox was put to sleep on Wednesday. Nickolaoss said he passed away peacefully.

Via the Huffington Post

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