Brandi Glanville of “Real Housewives” Gets Her Dog Stolen — And Then Things Get Weird

She uses Twitter to try to get Chica back. Then another dog appears. Then the threats begin.


We don’t watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, so we don’t know whether Brandi Glanville is cast as a nice person or a villain. Perhaps they are all villains on RHOBH.

In any case, we feel bad because Brandi Glanville had her dog kidnapped from her Encino home this week when she was away, and she has been using Twitter to spread the word. She’s also offering a $10,000 reward.

But then she did something really odd, so odd that we suspect she’s a villain? We’ll get to that in a second. First, let’s have a look at the case.

On June 6, she began tweeting:

“My dog Chica is lost please help! Call me.”

“I will give anyone who finds my dog chica in Bel air, La, Encino area 10 thousand dollars. Please please. She has a collar call me!”

“A little brown chihuawa mix, i cant spell. My boys will be devistated.”

Then, unfortunately, some pranksters began calling in phony sighting, so she set up an answering service for the dog.

“My house was broken into one of my dogs is missing people R calling pretending 2 have her. This is devistating-I will pay money give her back”

“Please please please dont call the number if you dont have dog information!!! Please!”

It was clearly a rough couple days for Brandi Glanville — her house broken into, her dog stolen. And then, out of the blue, she tweeted this:

“We have a new family member until Chica comes back to us. His name is Chico”

And then:

“Mason renamed him Chody”

What? She got a new dog? So far we haven’t heard if she is simply fostering the dog — which very well may be the case — but still: Getting a new dog three days after your other one went missing? Huh. That’s a … huh.

Even if she is fostering, shouldn’t the time that you’re using to properly acclimate a new dog to your home be better spent finding your old dog?

We think so. But we’re not on RHOBH. We don’t hold giant wine glasses all day and freak out about what so-and-so did to so-and-so.

Also, some “bitch” out there is lucky, according to another Brandi tweet:

“This bitch that is taking down my dog signs is very lucky to be breathing at the moment. If my kids werent with me it was about to be ON”

Lastly, according to TMZ, Brandi fired her assistant via text over the missing dog. The assistant was in charge with feeding and walking her dogs when Brandi was out of town.

Staffing issues aside, we hope she finds her dog. And we hope she gives a great life to her new dog.

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