Quiz: What Type of Spring Breaker Is Your Dog?


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Whether you have fond memories of spring break, wish you could forget them, or don’t remember them at all, they are a shared experience of sorts for humans. If you’re past the schooling age, it’s likely you have your own tales of your springtime free time. Dogs don’t often get a scheduled break from their routine, but what if they did? What kind of spring breaker would your dog be?

1. Your dog’s motto is:

a. I’ve got work to do!
b. Netflix and chill
c. Stop and smell the roses
d. Work hard, play harder

Dog with laptop by Shutterstock.
Dog with laptop by Shutterstock.

2. Your dog’s favorite part of the outdoors is:

a. The exercise — let’s get moving!
b. Coming back inside
c. The opportunity for adventure
d. The chance to meet and greet new people

3. If your dog were an alcoholic beverage, what kind would he be?

a. Alcohol clouds his judgment
b. Craft beer
c. Fine wine d. Margarita

4. Where is your dog’s favorite place to sleep?

a. Sleep? No time for sleep
b. Couch, bed, somewhere comfy
c. Somewhere with a view
d. Pool/beachside

Woman and dog poolside by Shutterstock.
Woman and dog poolside by Shutterstock.

5. What is your dog’s favorite kind of music?

a. Classical
b. Classic rock
c. Eclectic
d. Dance party

6. Your dog’s personality can be best described as:

a. Driven
b. Laid-back
c. Adventurous
d. Party animal

Mostly A’s — No Time for Break!

Your dog is a hard worker who’s always focused on the task ahead. While everyone else is partying it up or veggin’ out on the couch, your dog is learning new tricks, running laps, chasing balls, and using this time to get ahead. This serious pooch doesn’t have time to stop and relax; he’s too focused on keeping everyone else in order!

Mostly B’s — Staycation

Your dog appreciates the joy that is staying at home. No need to spend money, get wild, or meet new people — he’s content to just take a little “me” time in front of the tube. Afternoon naps, leisurely strolls — there’s no vacation like a staycation. There’s finally time to catch up on Netflix. Your dog might make plans to try that new dog park that opened up down the street or meet up with a friend, but he also might sleep through it. Isn’t that what spring breaks are for?

Dog with passport by Shutterstock.
Dog with passport by Shutterstock.

Mostly Cs — Wanderlust

Whether it’s a trip to an exotic new country or getting down to earth hiking or camping, your dog loves adventure and new experiences. He appreciates all the world has to offer and is trying to soak up as much culture as he can. Maybe this year, he’ll sniff a French Poodle, taste dog biscuits in Italy, or do a doggie-paddle in the Great Lakes. Wherever he goes, he’s sure to come back with tales of new friends, new places, and a new sense of self

Mostly Ds — Party Animal

Did someone say beach party?! Your dog’s heading to Cancun, Cabo, or the closest place to soak in the sun and fun. Always the life of the party, he’ll be hanging out with friends and quickly making new ones. He’s willing to try anything once. He may not always make the best choices, but they certainly can be memorable ones. He’ll have stories his grandpuppies will never believe!

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