Try to Contain Yourself: It’s a Pile of Snoring Pugs

This pile of snoring Pugs turns the cuteness factor up to 11. There's no escape.


You’ll probably want to sit down for this. Wait, are you alone? Yeah, go ahead and shut the door. No need to alarm your co-workers.

Okay, are you ready to die of cuteness? All right, we’re being dramatic — but seriously, this is really adorable. You might just spend the rest of the day grinning.

Ready? One … two … three ….

All together now: awww!

What’s cuter than a contentedly snoring dog? A contentedly snoring Pug, that’s what! And what’s cuter than one contentedly snoring Pug? A whole pile of contentedly snoring pugs!

These Puglets are happily passed out without a care in the world, knowing that they have loving humans to look after them.

We wonder what they might be dreaming about. A piece of food miraculously falling from the table? The triumph of scaring off the man in blue who shoves papers through that slot in the door? (And then, of course, dutifully chewing up the intruders!) Running through sunny fields? Sleeping on the sofa? Cuddling with a smelly sock? Ah yes, the simple pleasures of being a dog!

And if that first video wasn’t enough for you, here’s a second one of the pugs snoring even more loudly.

If this was your human partner snoring loudly beside you in bed, you might cover your ears with your pillow. But Pugs are much cuter than boyfriends, so we’ll forgive them!

Via Dog Heirs

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