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110 Nicknames for Dogs: Funny & Unique Things to Call Your Pet

Written by: Ed Malaker

Last Updated on May 20, 2024 by Dogster Team

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110 Nicknames for Dogs: Funny & Unique Things to Call Your Pet

Naming your dog can be a fun but challenging experience, especially if it’s your first pet. There are many great tips for naming your canine, like choosing a name based on their appearance or personality. That said, you’ll probably end up giving them a nickname—or several! It can be fun to call them something funny and unique, especially when they’re acting silly. If this sounds like you, keep reading for several nicknames that you may want to consider calling your dog, along with context for each so you can see if it suits them.

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Dog Nicknames Based on Behavior

  • Bark Twain — If your dog is a literary genius about barking
  • Sir Waggington — For the most regal and polite tail-wagger
  • Sniffinstein — When your dog is always tracking a scent
  • Wiggles McSniff — If your dog wiggles and sniffs their way through life
  • Dognado — For the whirlwind of energy that never seems to stop
  • Furball Fiasco — When your dog’s antics lead to furry chaos
  • Sir Barks-a-Lot — For the dog that’s never shy about sharing their opinions
  • Snorelax — When your dog’s snores could rival a sleeping giant
  • Muddy Paws — If your dog always finds a way to get dirty on walks
  • Miss Destructo — For the pup that can turn a room into chaos in seconds
  • Squeaky McSqueakster — When your dog’s favorite toys are squeaky ones
  • Lord Sniffington — Because your dog inspects everything like royalty
  • Squirrel Whisperer — If your dog is obsessed with chasing squirrels
  • Hairy Houdini — When your pup has a talent for escaping from tricky situations
  • Zoomie McZoomster — Perfect for the dog that zooms around the house with boundless energy
  • Licky Llama — When your dog’s favorite pastime is giving kisses
  • Pawsome Picasso — If your dog loves to leave artistic paw prints around the house
  • Sock Bandit — When your dog has a penchant for stealing socks
  • Muddy Buddy — For the dog that enjoys rolling in mud puddles
  • Barky McBarkface — Because your dog’s bark is unmistakable
  • Sniffy Stardust — If your dog explores the world through their nose
  • Sir Licks-a-Lot — When your dog loves to give slobbery kisses
  • Sir Wags-a-Lot — When your dog’s tail wags like a windmill whenever they see you
  • Diggity Dog — If your pup loves to dig and explore in the backyard
  • Zippity Doodah — If your dog is always zipping around with enthusiasm
  • Houdogini — For the escape artist that can get out of any situation
  • Disco Paws — If your dog loves to dance or at least, attempts to
  • Socksy Bandit — If your dog can’t resist a good sock heist
  • Sniffer of Secrets — If your dog has a talent for uncovering hidden treasures
  • Socksy Bandit — If your dog loves turning socks into impromptu nose puppets
  • Sniffmaster General — If your dog is an expert at scent tracking
  • Socktopus — When your dog’s love for socks is as great as an octopus’s many arms
  • Sock Swindler — When your dog has a talent for swiping socks
  • Muddy Mariner — If your dog enjoys navigating muddy terrain like an explorer
  • Muddy Marauder — When your dog conquers the muddiest terrains with glee

young asian woman playing and sitting on road in the park with her dog
Image Credit: Monster Ztudio, Shutterstock

Dog Nicknames Based on Appearance

  • Droolius Caesar — If your dog is a heavy drooler
  • Furrball — Ideal for a fluffy dog that looks like a walking furball
  • Slobbersaurus Rex – Another great name for a dog that drools excessively
  • Floofinator — If your dog has a majestic fluffy coat
  • Wagglesaurus Rex — For the dinosaur-sized tail wags
  • Droolius Cheeser — When your dog’s drooling reaches a cheesy level
  • Noodle Paws — If your dog has long, stretchy legs like noodles
  • Pawsitively Adorable — Because your dog’s cuteness is off the charts
  • Captain Floofbeard — If your dog has a fluffy beard
  • Tornado Tail — For the whirlwind of excitement that is your dog’s tail
  • Drool Vader — For the dog with a dark side of drooling
  • Fuzz Lightpaw — If your pup’s paws are as fluffy as their personality
  • Harry Pawter — When your dog’s paws have a magical touch
  • Marshmallow Paws — If your dog’s paws are soft and fluffy like marshmallows
  • Wobble Paws — When your pup’s paws have a mind of their own and wobble when they walk
  • Wookiee — Perfect for a fluffy dog that resembles the “Star Wars” character
  • Cupcake Paws — If your dog’s paws are as sweet as cupcakes
  • Doodlebug — Great for a doodle breed like a Labradoodle or Goldendoodle
  • Furr-midable — Because your dog is formidable in their cuteness
  • Slobberknocker — When your dog’s drooling is intense and frequent
  • Wobblebottom — When your dog’s wobbly moments are endearing
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy — Because your dog is the epitome of fuzzy cuteness
  • Furr-ocious Beast — If your dog looks ferocious but is a sweetheart
  • Snuggle Puff — Because your dog is as soft and comforting as a puff of air
  • Chewbacca the Hutt — When your dog is both fuzzy and a bit on the round side
  • Fuzztacular — Because your dog’s fuzziness is truly spectacular
  • Fuzznomenal — Because your dog’s fluffiness is truly phenomenal

bernese mountain dog running and playing outdoors
Image Credit: Rita_Kochmarjova, Shutterstock

Nicknames for Dogs That Love Food

  • Biscuit Bandit — When your pup has a talent for stealing treats
  • Chewbacca — Perfect for a dog that loves to chew on everything
  • Woofgang Puck — For the dog with a refined taste in treats
  • Chewy Louie — A playful name for a dog that loves to chew toys
  • Pupcorn — Great for a dog that’s a fan of movie nights
  • Lickety-Split — For the speediest and most enthusiastic licker
  • Chewdini — When your dog can make toys disappear in seconds
  • Snackosaurus Rex — When your dog’s appetite for treats is prehistoric
  • Chewtoy Champ — For the dog that reigns supreme in the toy department
  • Chewy Lewis and the News — Perfect for a dog that’s always in the know about treats
  • Biscuit Connoisseur — If your dog has a refined taste for treats
  • Sniffer of Delights — If your dog has an exquisite sense of smell

golden retriever dog licking its mouth
Image Credit: demanescale, Shutterstock

Dog Nicknames Based on Personality

  • Snuggle Muffin — A name for the cuddliest dog in the world
  • Pawsitive Vibes — Perfect for a dog with a perpetually happy disposition
  • Hairy Potter — If your pup has a magical charm about them
  • Fuzz Lightyear — To infinity and beyond with your fluffy friend
  • Captain Woofmerica — When your dog embodies the patriotic spirit
  • Purrlock Holmes — If your dog is a master at solving the mysteries of the backyard
  • Mischief Maker — For the dog with a knack for getting into trouble
  • Snuggle Monster — For the dog that’s an expert at cuddling
  • Wiggly McWiggleton — If your dog wiggles with joy at the mere sight of you
  • The Great Fetchsby — For the dog that’s always up for a game of fetch
  • Purrfect Pal — Ideal for a dog that gets along famously with cats
  • Wags to Riches — For the dog with a wealth of love to give
  • Snugglebug — Because your dog is the ultimate cuddle companion
  • Cuddle Muffin — A sweet nickname for your affectionate cat
  • Woofy Goldberg — Because your dog’s woofs are pure comedy
  • Pawsitively Pawesome — For the dog always there to brighten your day
  • Mischief Manager — If your dog is always orchestrating playful chaos
  • Pawsome Puzzler — For the master at solving treat puzzles
  • Captain Cuddlefish – For a dog whose cuddles are as comforting as a warm hug
  • Woofstock — For the dog that’s all about peace, love, and belly rubs
  • Snickerdoodle — If your dog is as sweet as the popular cookie
  • Pawsitron — For the dog that’s always full of positive energy
  • Mellow Marshmallow — If your dog has a laidback and easygoing personality
  • Snugglesaurus Rex — For the dog that’s the king or queen of snuggling
  • Peacemaker — For the dog that brings harmony to your household
  • Cozy Canine — For the dog that loves curling up in the coziest spots
  • Snuggleberry — For the sweetest and juiciest snuggle partner
  • Muddy Marvel — For the dog that can find mud no matter where you go
  • Fluffernutter — A sweet and fluffy nickname for your beloved dog
  • Cuddle Commando — For the dog that takes cuddling to the next level
  • Fuzzgician — When your dog’s fur seems to appear everywhere magically
  • Barkaholic — If your dog is addicted to barking at squirrels, cars, or the wind
  • Hairy Hiker — If your dog enjoys long walks and hikes in the great outdoors
  • Snuggleologist — For the dog that has mastered the science of snuggling
  • Snifferella — For the dog with a nose as delicate as Cinderella’s slipper
  • Snugglebot 3000 — For the dog that’s a top-notch cuddling machine

Final Thoughts

There are so many funny and unique names that you can call your canine. If your dog likes to steal socks, consider Socksy Bandit or Socktapus, but there are also many other great names, like the Biscuit Bandit and Tornado Tail. Hopefully, this list got your mental juices flowing, and you can now find the perfect nickname for your pet!

Featured Image Credit: Jenoche, Shutterstock

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