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My Neighbor Is Complaining About My Dog Barking: Things To Do Next

Written by: Rachael Gerkensmeyer

Last Updated on April 20, 2024 by Dogster Team

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My Neighbor Is Complaining About My Dog Barking: Things To Do Next


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Dogs bark; that’s a fact. However, there may be times when your dog barks too much, so much so that it annoys your neighbors to the point where they complain. No one (at least, we hope not) wants to be that annoying neighbor who lets their dog bark incessantly. If your dog constantly barks, it’s time to nip it in the bud so you can be a good neighbor instead of the one the whole block despises.

If you’re in this situation, read on to learn five things you can do when your neighbor complains about your barking dog. We recommend consulting your veterinarian for your dog’s safety before acting on any suggestions listed in this article.

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What to Do When Your Neighbor Is Complaining About My Dog Barking

1. Listen to Your Neighbor’s Concerns and Apologize

Neighbors standing at the fence talking
Image Credit: Koldunova Anna, Shutterstock

It’s important not to get defensive if your neighbor has complained about your barking dog. After all, you both have to live in close proximity, and the quicker you can resolve this dispute, the better.

How your neighbor approaches the situation may make it easier or more difficult for you to address. For example, your neighbor may approach you with kindness or come at you aggressively. Not to mention, the neighbor may exaggerate how often or how long your dog barks. Try your best to be polite and express that you will handle the issue. Don’t forget to apologize!

Rather than getting defensive, try empathizing to keep your neighbor from becoming angry or belligerent. You can say something like, “I apologize. I’m sure it’s frustrating to hear.” Explain to them that you’ll work on the problem and be patient while you try to resolve the issue. Don’t forget to tell them you’re sorry for your dog being a nuisance.

2. Ask Your Neighbor Questions

Again, ask your neighbor legitimate questions about the issue rather than getting defensive. For example, ask if there are certain times of the day when they hear your dog bark and if other dogs are barking as well. You can also ask other neighbors if they hear your dog barking or other neighbors’ dogs barking over yours.

Setting up a video camera to monitor your dog is also an excellent idea to observe what triggers your dog to bark in the first place. That way, you can address the issue more appropriately.

3. Respect Your Local Laws About Barking Dogs

little dog barking at home
Image Credit: Dubin Mykhailo, Shutterstock

Many cities have dog barking ordinances in place, and it’s advisable to learn what precisely those laws convey. Neighbors have every right to complain about your dog barking if it’s a nuisance, and if you ignore the laws, you could be fined or even have your dog taken from you. Remember that your neighbor may have already investigated the laws and know what they can do about your barking dog. In most cases, neighbors are advised to document when your dog barks and for how long to submit it to the council.

Dog barking ordinances may vary from state to state, or even city to city, with some allowing your dog to bark for no more than 15 minutes. If you know your dog barks longer than what’s acceptable by law, you need to address the issue. It’s also valuable to know the laws because if you’re not breaking them, you can tell your neighbor that you know the regulations and that your dog’s barking is well within the limits. Remember that some neighbors may exaggerate, but you should be able to provide proof to back yourself up.

4. See Your Veterinarian

It never hurts to see your veterinarian to make sure your dog’s barking doesn’t have an underlying medical issue. You don’t want to spend time trying to retrain your dog if the barking issue stems from a health concern. Your vet can also be a good source for tips and training tricks to help curb the barking or to get you in touch with a professional behaviorist or trainer.

5. Work With Your Dog to Resolve the Barking

dalmatian dog training outdoors
Image Credit: Arthur Bargan, Shutterstock

Being a dog owner comes with responsibilities, and one of those responsibilities is to train your dog to be well-behaved, including not to bark excessively, especially while outdoors. Yelling at your dog will resolve nothing and will only confuse your dog.

The first form of action should be to identify why your dog barks and what the triggers are. Do they bark when people walk past your home? Are they barking just to get your attention? All dogs bark and some never get tired of doing it, so it’s up to you to figure out why the barking is constant. Only then will you be able to successfully resolve the issue.

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How Should You Deal With Your Barking Dog?

Now that your neighbor has brought your barking dog to light, it’s time to resolve the problem as soon as possible to keep the peace. Incessant barking is a frustrating issue and is also against the law in many places—not to mention, it can be stressful for your dog because they’re probably barking due to boredom or frustration. Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

1. Exercise Your Dog

Entlebucher Mountain Dog with big yellow ball playing treibball
Image Credit: Michal Ninger, Shutterstock

If you have to leave your dog for an extended amount of time, it’s helpful to get them tired before you leave. Getting your dog tired is especially helpful if you leave your dog outside in a safe and enclosed area because they will be more likely to sleep and rest instead of barking.

2. Try Doggie Daycare

If it fits your budget, you can take your dog to a doggie daycare rather than leave them at home to bark. Your dog can play with other dogs and have fun rather than being cooped up at home alone, which can lead to incessant barking.

3. Hire a Professional Dog Walker

woman walking her miniature schnauzer
Image Credit: Anton Pentegov, Shutterstock

If you work long hours and have no choice but to leave your dog for long periods of time, hiring a dog walker can be highly beneficial. The dog walker can take your dog for a couple of walks during the day for physical and mental stimulation, which in turn can help reduce barking.

4. Dog Puzzles

The use of dog puzzles or slow feeders when you head out can give your dog something else to focus on and reduce the likelihood of barking. These can range from store bought puzzles of varying complexity to home-made options such as “noise boxes”. Mental stimulation is just as important as physical exercise in helping to calm energetic or anxious canine pals.

5. Keep Your Neighbor Informed

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Image Credit: fizkes, Shutterstock

Ensure you keep your neighbor informed about the processes you’re using to address the barking. This will help to keep the peace with your neighbor, which is extremely important. You should also keep a log of what you’re doing in case your neighbor takes it up a notch and complains to the police or city council. Keeping a log will show that you’re making a conscious effort to correct the problem.

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Final Thoughts

It’s possible to train your dog not to bark, but you must be patient and work with your dog humanely. Never hit or yell at your dog for barking, as this will resolve nothing and only make your dog afraid of you. An enormous part of dog ownership is being responsible, which means training them to be a well-behaved canine citizen. No one enjoys hearing incessant barking, and if your neighbors have complained, it’s time to take action and address the situation.

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