Mickey Rourke Accuses Florida Dog Boutique Owners of Selling Him Sick Puppy

Do any Dogsters know more about this story? Please bark in! Thanks to the Miami Herald for this news. It's Rourke vs. dog boutique in...

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Do any Dogsters know more about this story? Please bark in!

Thanks to the Miami Herald for this news.

It’s Rourke vs. dog boutique in SoBe feud

Actor Mickey Rourke has a bone to pick with the owners of a South Beach dog boutique he claims sold him a sick puppy that died from a virus.

But the Sin City star’s tough animal rights lecture — inside and outside the pet store — led its all-female staff to sic the cops on him last week.

He faces arrest for trespassing if he enters the store again, said the boutique’s owners, who have imposed a lifetime ban on the actor.

”We refunded his money on his credit card, but he never brought in a certificate of death from the vet,” said the co-owner of Hot Dogs (Puppies) Inc., Marysol Tobon, who said she will call the police if Rourke steps foot in her store again.

Rourke, an animal rights advocate who owns several Chihuahuas, bought the puppy for $1,100 just after Christmas for one of his friends, J.P. Parlavecchio, chef and owner of Fanucci’s Italian restaurant on Lincoln Road.

The puppy died Dec. 28.

”There is no excuse for abusive treatment of animals,” said Rourke, who credits the unconditional love from his little dogs, Loki and Fredo, for helping him get through the tough times in his life.

”They — this store — are leaving a trail of broken hearts,” he said.

Last February, a customer bought a puppy at Hot Dogs that was later diagnosed with the parvo virus, according to the Florida Department of Agriculture. It died because the owner could not afford medical treatment. The store was not found culpable.

”It angers us that a man who thinks he is still a celebrity would try to tarnish our good name and hard work,” Tobon said. “We go through great lengths to ensure our dogs are healthy. We have been investigated and have been cleared in all cases.”

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