Meet Sneakers the Corgi, Lover of Pizza, Naps, and Doggie Costumes


When it comes to keeping the Internet entertained, Sneakers is a premier pooch. This Corgi‘s army of online followers enjoy checking out photos of her donning a dinky backpack and heading out on missions that often involve the hunt for her favorite food, pizza.

Sneakers was adopted by her family when she was 1 and a half years old, and her owner, Connie, says they were smitten by this Corgi at first sight. “We loved her as soon as we saw her, and brought her home the same day.”

Read on to get hip to Sneakers’ world of snacks, naps, and terrific doggie costumes.

Hunger for life

When it comes to describing Sneakers’ personality, Connie reels off a list of adjectives that include being silly, sweet, and happy, along with possessing an unceasing “hunger for life.” The latter is ably illustrated by the above photo of Sneakers chomping down on a sweet treat.


With her insatiable energy, it’s only natural that Sneakers is also very much about taking care of business.

This Corgi can nap

Of course, like any self-respecting pooch, Sneakers also knows the value of a little relax and recuperation time. It’s said that she “enjoys lots of naps.” As you can see here, she’s quite the pro at settling into a state of bliss.

A real chow hound

At the time of this writing, Sneakers is the star of an Instagram account that’s clocked more than 55,000 fans who check in daily to peep pictures of this Corgi’s adventures.

When it comes to hit pics, Connie says, “Our favorite photos are usually the food-themed posts, like the one with a giant doughnut or when she dressed up as a hot dog. But we also love her pizza-rat-dog video, because you get to see her stumpy little legs in action!”

What’s in the backpack?

If you’re an attentive student of Sneakers’ adventures, you’ll have noticed that she nearly always has her backpack when she leaves home.

When it comes to canine expeditions, Connie says that it’s imperative to pack the bag with “a Frisbee in case we stop for a game of fetch, and some treats in case she gets hungry.”

A pizza the action

Sneakers makes no — ahem — bones about her love of pizza. She openly cops to it being her favorite foodstuff in her Instagram bio, likes to use the pizza emoji, and can often be found engaging in ‘za-themed photo shoots.

When it comes to the origin of her cheese and carbs crush, Connie says, “When we first got her, we took her outside for a walk and she found an entire slice of pizza that someone had dropped on the ground. She picked up the slice of pizza in her mouth and turned around and stared at us pleading, with extra-large puppy eyes, asking if she could take the pizza home. We said no. We believe she has never forgotten that slice of pizza — and so her love affair with pizza continues to this day!”

The Earl of Sandwich

Sneakers might have a confirmed pizza infatuation, but that doesn’t mean this Corgi cannot flirt with other foods. So in honor of National Sandwich Day, she found herself in a bread-based shenanigan, which she pulled off with much poise and class.

“Sneakers was a little confused because she wanted to eat the bread and wasn’t sure why she was wearing it instead,” explains Connie of the photo shoot. “But she was a good sport! We made sure to give her some of her favorite treats so she wouldn’t mind missing out on eating the sandwich bread.”

Finally, a rare non-food-related entry!

Taking a break from hamming it up in sustenance-related costumes and scenes, Sneakers recently celebrated (whisper it) National Cat Day by slipping into an outfit based around the Catbus from the anime movie My Neighbor Totoro.

But what if our venerable pooch were to snag a cameo in a remake of the flick?

Well, it turns out she’d want to star as Chibi Totoro (a smaller version of the portly main protagonist). “Like Sneakers, Chibi Totoro has pointed ears, hops and waddles, is short, and is also a little pudgy,” says Connie. “Plus, Chibi Totoro is really fluffy, just like Sneakers!”

Scoot on over to Sneakers’ Instagram page to satiate your hunger for more pics and videos of this charismatic Corgi.

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About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.

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