Meet Riley, a Parson Russell Terrier With a Great Sense of Style


Riley is one of Instagram’s most stylish canine stars. In conjunction with his owner, Chaity, this Parson Russell Terrier runs an account that captivates followers through a combination of clean and minimal design plus Riley’s own penchant for dressing in foppish outfits. At times, it’s like a bunch of scenes from a Restoration Hardware catalog that also happen to have a dog gallivanting around them.

Beyond the eye candy, Riley is also a self-proclaimed spokesdoggy who can be found promoting various charitable campaigns (often those with a strong animal rights and welfare angle).

Without further ado then, here’s your beginner’s guide to Riley and Chaity’s world.

Who is Riley?

“Generally Riley is playful, comedic, social, and welcomes affection,” says Chaity, when asked about the pooch’s personality.

“However, he can be stubborn at times,” she adds. “He listens when I give him commands, but sometimes growls as he does it. He lets me know, ‘All right. I’ll do it, but I’m not happy about it.’ It’s cute and funny to watch.”

A popular pup

These days, Riley has blossomed into a social media phenomenon. The pup’s Instagram account has racked up nearly 150,000 followers who check out the slicks pics and charitable messages.

When it comes to the reasons behind his success, Riley’s human says things began to escalate “when I was getting creative with my shoots and starting to raise awareness with my campaigns.”

All for the cause

Riley’s portfolio of charity work includes support for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month and pet dental hygiene via his ongoing #ourpearlywhites campaign. Chaity explains that “some campaigns get a lot of participants and raise awareness while others aren’t popular but are successful in raising funds.”

Beyond the pageviews and donations, she says, “I hope people enjoy participating because they are fun and creative, all the while supporting a good cause.”

The takeover

Ever wonder what your own dog would do if they managed to commandeer your Instagram or Facebook account for the day? Well, when it comes to Riley, it seems his feed would be all about his passions: “That’s squirrels, skateboarders, certain cyclists, and birds because he loves to chase them.”

Also, we’re talking about one technologically savvy canine: “He would, of course, need to invest in a good quality camera to be able to capture such quick shots.”

A positive journey

With an Instagram account that’s become a worldwide hit, these days Riley is a dog who speaks through his pictures. But what if he had a moment to tell the world a message for the times?

Well, according to Chaity’s best guess, this is what his dispatch would involve:

“There is not a moment where Riley is not himself. He shares with you all of his goofy nature without ever worrying about how others might criticize him. He doesn’t understand the concept of popularity, and he’ll offer his friendship if you engage in a friendly conversation.

“I believe he would want you to live the same and embark on a positive journey.”

Click on over to Riley and Chaity’s Instagram page to keep up to date with their photographic missions.

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