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Meet Lucielle Bull, a Pop Culture-Loving Bulldog on Instagram

Lucy shows her love for the likes of Michael Jackson, 2Pac, and MTV through cute and clever pics.

Phillip Mlynar  |  Jan 12th 2016

Lucy is a Bulldog who’s clocked up a sterling social media following even though she updates her Instagram account at a very leisurely pace. Her bio teases that she enjoys both farting and “that Popsicle candy that’s watermelon flavored with chili on it.” (It is not known whether there’s any correlation between the two.)

After that revelatory introduction, let’s move on and find out a little more about Ms. Lucielle Bull.

Here’s Lucy


Image via Instagram.

Meet Lucy (or Lucielle Ball as her Instagram account dubs her). With winter now finally turning up, Lucy knows that it’s cold outside, so this is one baby who’s gonna be all about keeping toasty and warm. Smart pooch.

And here’s her owner


Image via Instagram.

The man behind Lucy’s lens rarely shows up on her Instagram account, but this sneak peek of a tattoo he got of her shows that he’s all about his Bulldog. Apparently the ink work was done by a guy called Eli Falconette, and during the session, “We geeked out on dog talk and had lots of laughs.” You can check out Eli’s own canine connections over on his Instagram account.

Lucy’s debut


Image via Instagram.

This pic was Lucielle Bull’s Instagram debut, posted more than two years ago. It’s an introduction to the social media scene that saw many commentators comparing her to a “pig dog.” They meant it affectionately, although Lucy has since moved on from that tag.

Christmas time was here


Image via Instagram.

When it comes to the holidays, yes, there was a Christmas incident. Lucy doesn’t like to talk about it, and neither does the sock monkey. Let’s just say the Yule-time isn’t always the season of goodwill toward all stuffed animals and move merrily on, okay?

Lucy’s a 2Pac fan


Image via Instagram.

It would appear that our Bulldog is very much a fan of 2Pac. Every Tuesday, she dons a bandana in tribute to the fallen rapper and takes part in Tupac Tuesdays by quoting from the bard. In this snap she’s saying, “Even though you’re fed up, you gotta keep your head up.”

The King of Pop


Image via Instagram.

Our Lucy is also a huge fan of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Here she is hamming it up by posing as an extended version of Jacko’s gazillion-selling Thriller album. As one commentator put it, “This is probably the best picture on Instagram.”

Smooth criminal


Image via Instagram.

More Michael Jackson action, this time with Lucy posing in a similar sort of hat to the one featured in the slick “Smooth Criminal” video. As she karaokes in the caption, “Annie, are you okay?”

I want my MTV


Image via Instagram.

Keeping with the musical angle, a couple of years ago at MTV’s Video Music Awards, Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke caused something of a pop culture ruckus with their salacious performance. Lucy was watching, and she reenacted the jaunt for her own fans, teasing, “If you missed the VMAs last night, this is what you missed.” (If you were wondering, Lucy is the one playing Robin Thicke’s role.)

Party at your own pace


Image via Instagram.

One of the great things about Lucy’s Instagram account is the way she often sports a curmudgeon’s look regardless of the occasion. Here she’s celebrating another year on the planet in her own beautifully sulky way.

Colors and the kids


Image via Instagram.

Is anyone else getting much of a modern day Eeyore vibe here? Keep it up, Lucielle!

Babes in bushes


Image via Instagram.

Finally, let the record show that Lucy is one of the foremost canine practitioners of the Babes in Bushes hashtag movement.

Slide over to Lucy’s Instagram account to keep up with her leisurely social media adventures.

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About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.