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Make These Naughty or Nice Chocolate Treats

Do your friends deserve delicious sparkling 'dog bark' or a pile of 'poop'?

Samantha Meyers  |  Dec 9th 2020

Your dog’s stocking is probably piled high with treats and toys, but what to get the dog lovers in your life? Well, it depends — have they been on your naughty or nice list this year? Do your friends deserve delicious sparkling “dog bark” or a pile of “poop”?! Luckily, this gift can easily be made both ways, so you can always leave the choice up to Santa’s final say.

christmas recipes for dog lovers


  • Chocolate: Use your favorite variety. For the bark, use colored chocolate to give it an extra holiday flair. For the poop, dark or milk is the way to go.
  • Mix-ins: Nuts, dried fruit, sprinkles, cookies, pretzels, cereal, etc.
    — get creative!


  1. Melt the chocolate carefully in microwave or double boiler.
  2. For dog bark: Spread chocolate onto parchment paper or pour into dog-themed mold. Top with mix-ins.
  3. For dog poop: Stir in your mix-ins so they are fully coated in the chocolate. Scoop out clumps of the mix onto parchment paper.
  4. Let cool, so the chocolate hardens.
  5. To package: Dog Bark: Place in a clear cellophane bag with matching holiday ribbon.
  6. Dog Poop: Wrap in green cellophane with a twist tie. If you can’t find green, use a clear bag with a piece of green tissue paper inside to give it the same effect. (Chocolate is toxic to dogs, so caution the recipient to keep this treat away from the pups.)

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