And Now, 13 Newsletter Headlines Inspired By Vintage Dog Photos

After 39 years with a Boston newspaper, Leslie Jones amassed quite a collection of dog pictures. We take some liberties with them.


Leslie Jones worked as a photographer for the Boston Herald-Traveler newspaper for 39 years, from 1917 to 1956. His collection of photographs, preserved by the Boston Public Library, numbers more than 34,000. It’s a stunning collection, painting an expansive portrait of Boston and Massachusetts. More than a few of the vintage photos feature dogs and cats.

We wondered what the headlines of those dog and cat pictures might be.

1. “Pistol Packin’ Petey apprehended after 12-state crime spree”

2. “First-ever dog car salesman sells man a Buick for 23 cents; he would be fired shortly thereafter”

3. “‘The dog camera is coming along swimmingly!’ sez amateur inventor Howard Hughes”

4. “Bulldog signs with the Mets; fans predict wins to start pouring in any day now”

5. “Howard Hughes says cat antenna is a failure; will push on nonetheless”

6. “We count down the 10 most luxurious doghouses of 1932”

7. “Macy’s $500 dog chair is the talk of 1926”

8. “The Army unveils first dog-guided bomb — and quietly backs out the door amid outrage”

9. “Dachshund enjoys his first legal beer since prohibition ended and his owner passed out in his chair”

10. “Business watch: New company Milk-Bone ships first product to stores”

11. “Howard Hughes and his brother, Ebbet, out for a walk with mumsy”

12. “Woman marries dog in front of City Hall, while street-smart urchin looks for his chance to steal that poor slob’s watch”

12. “Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up — or a hamburger. Whichever. But the hamburger would be nice. Let’s make it the hamburger right now and the close-up later, or maybe tomorrow? What’s for lunch tomorrow? Hamburgers? I really like hamburgers. I’m pretty hungry. What am I doing in these God-dammed glasses? I’m ready for my hamburger now, Mr. DeMille.”

13. “Study: Dogs are the worst fishermen”

All photos copyright © Leslie Jones. Courtesy of the Boston Public Library, Leslie Jones Collection.

Read more about Leslie Jones and his photography at his website

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