How to Compost Your Dog’s Poop


Have you ever wondered what happens to your dog’s poop once it leaves your yard? The best way to dispose of pet waste is endlessly debated. Should you flush it? Put it in a plastic bag, and toss it in the garbage? Something else?

There is no one perfect answer, but reducing the amount of harmful waste and trash in the environment is always a good thing. Composting your dog’s poop is an easy way to help protect our planet. It not only keeps countless plastic bags out of landfills, but you can use the compost to nourish your garden (non-edible plants only).


“A dog waste composter should be located on ground that is above the water table to ensure drainage and avoid polluting the ground water,” said Sharon Slack, head gardener at City Farmer. “It should be located away from the food garden.”

You don’t need fancy equipment to build a composter in your backyard. An old plastic garbage can will do. Check out the City Farmer’s step-by-step photo guide and informative videos.


Once your composter is built, maintenance is easy. “I empty mine about every six or seven years. My dog is about 30 pounds; one has to consider the size of their dog!” Sharon said. “I remove the top, unfinished layer of waste, and set it aside. I then remove the finished amount and bury it in my ornamental garden.” Return the unfinished layer to the bin, and your composter is all set for years to come.

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