Golden Retriever Puppy Party: It’s Our Reason to Visit Scotland

The Golden Retriever Club of Scotland gathered 220 dogs -- and we have photos!


We’ve been obsessed with Golden Retrievers for a long time — for the obvious reasons, of course. There is so much to love about them. Everyone remembers Shadow, right? Basically the most loyal dog out of the Homeward Bound crew that made us cry when Peter thought he didn’t make it back like the others.

Golden Retrievers are a popular breed, and loved among many — whether for their loyalty, bravery, or intuitive looking faces. That’s why it doesn’t surprise us that in Scotland there is something called the Guisachan Gathering.

Run by the Golden Retriever Club of Scotland, the Guisachan Gathering is an annual festival that celebrates the Golden Retriever breed for all its glory.

Scotland is the ancestral home of the breed, therefore it only seems fitting that the Golden Retriever Club of Scotland would round up 220 Retrievers in a classic Scotland-like background to celebrate them. Green fields, castles, the works, served as the perfect backdrop to this pup gathering.

The club initially held the event in 2006 to celebrate the groups 50th anniversary of the organization. A little fewer than 200 Retrievers showed up from around the world — at the time they had achieved the largest group of Golden Retrievers to be photographed, ever. This year a new record was set with its 220 golden attendees.

We’re dying here at Dogster, I mean, look at that little face! We couldn’t possibly imagine being surrounded by 220 identical ones.

We’re seriously envious of this real life puppy party. Look at this little one’s paws in the air. He needs to stop being so cute, or else we’re going to have to make a trip to Scotland.

It’s also really great to see people of all ages come together to celebrate their canine companions. It must have been fun to talk to other Golden Retriever owners and swap tales about their pups.

There was also a dog show, because there needed to be a more legitimate reason for all these cuties to show up in one place — that is, besides taking the most epic group photo ever.

Photos by Gordon Richardson, story via Huffington Post

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