Girlie Lived as a Stray at a Power Plant; Now She Has a Home

The dog was looking for human companionship, and a compassionate human found her.


This is the story of Girlie. She is only about a year old and her entire life has been a stray one … until now. But we’ll get to that in a second.

Girlie first showed up at the Exelon power plant last summer, and that’s where plant worker Kara noticed her. Even though the dog was far from docile, Girlie and Kara formed a bond that lasted throughout the year. With patience and compassion, Kara slowly earned Girlie’s trust. It was apparent to Kara, who has two agility dogs, that Girlie possessed an innate desire to be around humans, even though her feral nature made her wary.

As Girlie began to reach maturity, Kara worried about the dog getting impregnated by some of the intact male dogs she saw running around. She doubled her efforts to find Girlie a home, but experienced difficulty finding an adopter. With two dogs of her own, as well as a cat, and lacking the appropriate accommodations to introduce a wild dog into home life, Kara herself could not take the dog in. This also narrowed the pool of viable potential adopters for Girlie as well.

Kara became desperate, and while Girlie was in no immediate danger, was able to hunt for herself, and was looked after by other plant workers, it would not be enough to give the dog the best life possible. Finally, with another summer on the horizon, Kara found a home for Girlie. While Kara will miss seeing the dog at work, she can still visit Girlie in her new forever home and know that she will live the fullest life possible.

Most stray dogs are not as lucky as Girlie, but the feral dog chanced on just the right compassionate human, who saw the potential in her to become someone’s best dog friend. Thanks to Kara’s efforts, Girlie is going home against all odds, and that’s why she’s our Monday Miracle.

Photos via Girlie’s Facebook page

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