Look at All These Dogs Eating Peanut Butter

Instagram is filling up with funny photos of dogs eating peanut butter, and it's a very good thing.


Dogster’s very own vet says that peanut butter is fine for dogs, so we’re permitting ourselves to laugh with impunity at the latest craze to hit Instagram: giving dogs peanut butter and photographing the contortions.

Just look at these dogs trying to get that peanut butter, stuck like glue in all those odd nooks and crannies of the crazy canine mouth — MUST GET ALL THE PEANUT BUTTER. Even if it means sticking a tongue out to Mars and back and it takes a full year. It can seem cruel, to make a dog work so hard for little bits of mashed peanuts and oil, but the dog only thinks of one thing: PEANUT BUTTER. So. Much. Peanut butter.

The craze began with German Shorthaired Pointer owner Stephanie McCombie (@ifitwags), who gave her dogs peanut butter one day and giggled.

“I was watching the boys eating peanut butter one day and burst out laughing at the faces they were making,” she said of her pups Travis and Gus. “I grabbed my camera and started shooting. The photos ended up being so funny I wanted to see other dogs in action!”

She posted them on Instagram last month with the hashtag #peanutbutterseries, and soon the others were off and running — running to the cupboard for peanut butter. The results are making everyone very happy.

Great, huh? Here’s a tip from Stephanie: “Don’t be afraid of a little mess, and have lots of peanut butter on hand,” she says. “Shooting in a space with lots of light works best … must avoid blurry tongues!”

You hear that? Lots of peanut butter.

Via Huffington Post

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