10 Dogs Headed for Santa’s Naughty List (But Who’ll Get Presents Anyway)

When threatened with a lump of coal in their stockings, these 10 dogs came up with the perfect excuses for their naughty behavior.

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When I was a little one, my parents would be like, “ELIZABETH, STOP TRYING TO CONVINCE YOUR KID SISTER THAT UNICORNS ARE REAL OR ELSE SANTA WON’T BRING YOU ANY PRESENTS,” but I’d continue telling my kid sister whatever tall tales I wanted because hah! No matter how much they threatened me with a lump of coal, I’d always rise on Christmas morning (at exactly 6 a.m.) to a cornucopia of shiny presents with my name on them.

Also my kid sister was extremely gullible (and a little part of me still wishes there were actually unicorns).

Dogs do the same thing. You’re like, “Dog friend, quit begging at the table or else you won’t get to sleep on the bed later!” But you sure as fluff know that even though your dog friend has his forepaws up on the table and is gobbling down your hamburger, you’re still going to let him hop into bed with you the moment he gazes at you with those pleading puppy eyes.

Just like these dogs who are definitely on Santa’s naughty list, but can still count on being inundated with presents this holiday season because they have perfect excuses!

“I was just helping you cut coupons.”

“Because you always complain about cleaning the litter box!”

“I saw this episode on Martha Stewart and thought I’d try my paw at reupholstery. (It’s a little avant-garde, I know.)”

“I’m just checking to make sure the kids cleaned the counters completely.”

“I was just trying to help with the dishes.”

“You always talk about losing weight — it’s all about cutting your portions in half (and sharing them with me).”

“Oh. We, uh, thought you were coming home later.”

“I am trying to keep the sunshine out of your eyes.”

“I am performing an exorcism on the couch.”

“You’re always telling me to “Stop it!” when I scoot on the rug. Did you know dog paws are not adept at opening packages? Yeah! Didn’t see that one coming.”

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