Two Geniuses Re-Create Famous Movie Scenes … with a Dog

Is Wrigley the greatest actor of his generation? Not really, but how cute are these photos?


Sixteen Candles, The Graduate, Spider-Man, these are all fine movies. Still, there’s that nagging question, as you sit there and watch them in your dedicated chair with your oil drum of popcorn — Wouldn’t this better if my dog were in it?

Yes, yes it would.

All of them. Every last movie. They would all be better if they starred your dog, instead of that … Kate Winslet? Anne Bancroft? Molly Ringwald?

No — they should be starring Peanut, your dog. [Makes sweeping hand gesture indicating the dog’s name is up in lights] Peanut! The greatest actor of his generation? God no. But he’s your dog. And why the hell shouldn’t he be a movie star? Vincent Gallo is a movie star!

So went the thinking of Reddit user mmsspp and his boss, who one day figured that the latter’s dog, Wrigley, would be fantastic opposite Kate Winslet in that silly boating scene in Titanic, so one day at work the pair put him there.

“My boss brings her dog Wrigley to work every day, and for the past month we’ve been re-enacting romance scenes from movies. It all started with a stupid Titanic photo,” he wrote, “but things escalated quickly …”

They did. Here’s some of what the pair has been up to:

“We only ever do this for 5 to 10 minutes during lunch (The Notebook took a bit longer due to the drying time),” writes mmsspp. “I can’t say where we work, but it’s a large theatre company that likes to think of itself as an Awesome Factory.”

Let’s hope the Awesome Factory stays in business. We need more of these.

Via Sploid

Check out some cuteness with Dogster:

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