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Bark in the Park With the Durham Bulls: 2024 Guide

Written by: Codee Chessher

Last Updated on April 22, 2024 by Dogster Team

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Bark in the Park With the Durham Bulls: 2024 Guide

What’s a better combo than you, your dog, and a ball? How about a bunch of other dogs, dog owners, and an afternoon of baseball? Made world-famous by the rousing 1988 flick Bull Durham starring Kevin Costner and Susan Sarandon, the Durham Bulls are a Minor League baseball team based in Durham, North Carolina.

Like other baseball teams across the US, the Durham Bulls offer special events called Bark in the Park where you can bring your dog to enjoy your favorite ball game. Considering the team’s wild popularity in North Carolina, it might be the best way to catch a game with Fido in the whole state! For all the info you could ever want to know about how to score tickets and what the rules are, scroll down.

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How Does Bark in the Park With the Durham Bulls Work?

The Bark in the Park with the Durham Bulls season features a handful of select baseball games where you can bring your dog to enjoy America’s favorite pastime. When they first rolled out these special events, they only hosted two per year. Due to popular demand, they’ve been forced to up that number in recent years to three or four events per year.

For the 2024 season, the dates are April 25, May 9, August 29, and September 12. The dates aren’t set in stone and are subject to change at any time according to management’s discretion. They may cancel Bark in the Park events if they expect low attendance or there’s bad weather, for instance.

Don’t just order a regular ticket, though. You’ll have to specifically order a Bark in the Park bundle of both one human and one dog ticket for each human and dog attending the game. When you show up for the game, you’ll have to enter the stadium through the Baker Roofing Centerfield Gate or the left-field plaza according to management’s instructions.

Dog owners and dogs have to sit in certain designated sections, which helps cut down on mess. Keeping dog owners in the same sections also helps the volunteers from Second Chance Pet Adoptions locate people who need help. They’ll be happy to watch your dog while you go to the bathroom, for example.

Bark in the Park With the Durham Bulls Rules & Requirements

To help create a welcoming, fun-filled environment for all visitors to Durham Bulls Athletic Park, there’s a list of rules and requirements that four-legged visitors need to abide by. Since dogs can’t actually read the rules, though, it’s up to you to review and enforce them.

Rules & Requirements for Bark in the Park:
  • Dogs are only allowed in designated sections of the stadium: sections 128, 130, 132, 134, and the lawn.
  • All dog visitors must be fully vaccinated (proof may be required).
  • All dogs must be on fixed-length, non-retractable leashes 8 feet long or shorter.
  • Dog owners must clean up after any accidents made by their pets.
  • Dog owners assume responsibility for any damages caused by their dogs.
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Image Credit: Anton Pentegov, Shutterstock

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How to Keep Your Dog Safe at Bark in the Park With the Durham Bulls

Taking your dog to crowded public spaces like Bark in the Park games can seem simple at first glance, but it gets dicey if you’re not sure how to go about it. “Just buy a ticket and show up, how hard can it be?” A lot harder, as it turns out! To help keep your dog safe and comfortable during their unforgettable trip to Durham Bulls Athletic Center, check out some invaluable tips below.

Tips for a Safer Bark in the Park Experience:
  • Make sure your dog is trained and well-socialized, as poorly socialized dogs may not be ready for a baseball game just yet.
  • In the weeks leading up to the event, practice exposing your dog to crowded locations to desensitize them.
  • Practice obedience commands in a crowded location so you can gauge how your dog reacts.
  • Pack plenty of water for both you and your dog. The summer sun and heat can be brutal in North Carolina!
  • Bring waste baggies and be prepared to take potty breaks during the game.
  • Consider bringing a handheld fan or sunshade to keep your dog cool.
  • Make sure your dog’s harness and collar fit snugly but not too tightly—they’ll be leashed for the duration of the game.
  • Bring a pillow, blanket, or small pet bed for your dog to rest on in between exciting innings.
  • Take your dog on a long walk so they can go potty and get out some energy before the game.
  • Arrive early to skip long lines.
  • Keep your dog on a short leash, especially when interacting with other dogs or people.
  • Be prepared to leave at any time if your dog becomes visibly fearful, upset, or aggressive toward others.
  • Bring a favorite toy to help keep them busy.
  • Don’t forget to claim any free swag that might be offered at the game!
  • Reward calm behavior with praise and delicious high-value treats so your dog knows this is a happy, fun event.

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What Other Baseball Teams Host Bark in the Park Events?

The idea of letting dogs into baseball games was a stroke of daring genius, and you’re probably wondering what other baseball teams have taken advantage of the idea. A lot, as it turns out! The Durham Bulls are a Minor League (MiLB) team, but countless Major League (MLB) and MilB teams have adopted the idea with great success over the years.

Bark in the Park 2024 Dates:
  • Arizona Diamondbacks: April 16
  • Chicago White Sox: April 29
  • Cincinnati Reds: April 24, May 22, August 12, September 18
  • Detroit Tigers: April 30, May 14, September 10, September 25
  • Kansas City Royals: Bark at the Park, April 23, May 21, September 3
  • New York Mets: April 2, May 13, September 17
  • Miami Marlins: April 1, April 15, April 29, May 20, June 2, June 17, July 7, July 22, August 5, August 19, September 8
  • Pittsburgh Pirates: Pup Nights at PNC, April 23, May 7, May 21, June 4, June 18, July 2, July 23, August 6, August 27, September 10, September 24
  • San Diego Padres: April 3, April 30, July 9, August 12
  • San Francisco Giants: April 27, September 28
  • Seattle Mariners: April 29, May 29, June 10, July 2, August 7, September 12
  • Tampa Bay Rays: April 14
  • Texas Rangers: Bark at the Park, June 3
  • Washington Nationals: April 5, April 23, June 3, August 2, September 10, September 27
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Image Credit: Daisy Daisy, Shutterstock

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Bark in the Park with the Durham Bulls is a marvelous way for you and Spot to get some fresh air and socialize. Bringing your dog to baseball games can be challenging, but if they’re properly trained and you approach the game with vigilance and a prepared bag, you’ll both be fine and have an awesome time.

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