Call for Writers: Cuteness Correspondent and SEO Guru

Want to work with us at Dogster? Here's your chance.

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Last Updated on November 30, 2023 by Dogster Team

If you’ve ever wanted to cross “columnist for a dog site” off your bucket list, here’s your chance! Dogster is seeking two writers to add to our stable of awesome. Could this be you? Here’s what we’re looking for:

Gig 1: Cuteness Correspondent

You live on the Internet, and your online life probably began on LiveJournal or Tumblr. Visiting Reddit’s front page or frequenting its multiple pet-centric subreddits is all par for the course for you. You follow ridiculously cute animals on Instagram and Vine, which is finally going to pay off, because this is going to be your beat. When cuteness breaks on the Web, you’re in the front row, and your Facebook friends are borderline sick of the aggregated adorableness on your feed. Editing images is second nature to you, and learning how to use a new CMS is far from intimidating. You’ve got a sense of humor and can prove it with clips from online publications you’ve written for.

This is a part-time gig. We’re looking for someone who can turn around one post a day, Monday through Friday. Send us some clips and tell us why this has to be you at If we think you’re a fit, we’ll be in touch.

Gig 2: SEO Writer

Dogster has been around for almost a decade, and has excellent SEO standing as a result. You know how to use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool (or another similar tool you’re familiar with) to hunt down the terms and topics we should be writing about for maximum effect on search. You are an ace at using the Internet to research pet topics and come up with factual or tip-based posts based on the SEO keywords you think we should be writing about. You know how to label images, write headers, and use italics and boldface for best effects when creating SEO-friendly copy. You may or may not have read the SEO for Dummies book (we have). You can get around a new CMS with your eyes closed and need little to no hand holding. Past editors have loved you to pieces for that.

This is a part-time gig. We’re looking for someone who can write three to five posts a week. If interested, prove to us that you know how to pitch pieces based on SEO strength by sending pitch ideas to

To further clarify, we’re looking for pitches that look like this: “Hey editors, 60,000 people do a search for the term ‘barking dog’ a month and it appears to be a low-competition term according to the Google Adwords tool. This is a good opportunity for us.” [This is just for illustrative purposes… there aren’t really that many searches for that term, yo.]

Best Woofs,

The editors at Dogster

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