Dogster Obsessions: Lagranja Design’s Laika Lamp

It's a dog! It's a lamp! It's a dog lamp. And it's amazing.

Last Updated on May 13, 2015 by Dogster Team

I’ve been obsessed with Abigail Ahern’s Atelier dog lamps (pictured here) forever, but I know they might be too “literal” for the modern furniture lovers reading this. For you minmalist types, there’s the Laika lamp from Lagranja Design. And you know it’s awesome because our friends at Dog Milk deigned it worthy of a mention.

Laika’s lampshade doubles as a cone of shame, and her electric cord looks suspiciously like a leash. Even this cat thought her worthy of investigation.

The design debuted in 2006 in a limited run. “Very few times, we are our own client,” Lagranja’s designers wrote on their site. “Laika was designed as a Christmas present for our close friends and has been produced as a limited edition of 50.” (Translation: It’s sold out, sorry! But we can still ogle.)

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