Dogster Holiday Obsessions: Pet Party Printz and Selfie Tins


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Check out two of my finds for the holiday season: Pet Party Printz and the Selfie Tin.


Take the “Uh-Oh” and “Oh No!” out of the holidays by wrapping your pup’s presents with dog-safe wrapping paper. Yes, there is actually dog-safe wrapping: PetPartyPrintz.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw it, but Pet Party Printz creates wrapping paper with soy-based ink, no toxic chemicals, and a special Rip-N-Stick self-adhesive edge that eliminates any choking hazard that can be caused with tape. You’ll find quite a variety of designs on the website, including ones for the holidays: Holiday Greetings, Candy Cane Treats, and The Red Nosed Doggie.

$4.95 at

Selfie Tin 

My family and friends look forward to seeing the yearly Christmas card of my dogs dressed in their holiday cheer. (At least they say they do.) But what if I could do more to share the joy and plain old awesomeness of my fur family with a gift that keeps on giving?

Image courtesy
Image courtesy

Enter: the Selfie Tin. Yes, I can put that too-cute photo of my dogs in Santa hats right on top of a large 7-inch keepsake tin containing gourmet goodies such as dog biscuits, biscotti, chocolates, and more. Ordering the customized Selfie Tin is an easy six-step process that even I can handle.

$24.95 and up at

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About the author: Melissa L. Kauffman often goes by Mel to friends and canines alike. She lives in North Carolina with her two forever puppies, Tampa Bay and Justice; two feisty parrots, Deacon and Carlisle; a betta fish named Edgar Allan; and her husband, Scott. Mel is the group editor for Dogster Magazine.

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