Have You Sent Your Dog’s Photo to #Dogster1000 on Instagram? Your Dog Might Appear Here!

Thanks for being part of our #Dogster1000 -- now check out the cute dog photos below!


Thanks to you, we’re this close to reaching our 1,000 followers goal on Instagram @Dogster!

We’ve been asking folks to submit pictures of their pooches using #Dogster1000, and the results are almost too adorable for words!

Don’t have Instagram? No worries — you can check out our #Dogster1000 entries right here in this post.

And, check this out: This gallery is ALIVE (“It’s aliiive!“). All you need to do to submit a photo to it is use #Dogster1000 on Instagram, then be patient and give it a couple of reloads, and your photo should appear right here in this post. We’ll also be posting your #Dogster1000 submissions to our Instagram until we finally reach 1,000 followers.

Without further ado … the pooches:

P.S. The slideshow displays only the most recent photos, so your pics from earlier this week may not be here. However, we’re also updating our Instagram with #Dogster1000 submissions, so check that out!

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