Dogster Shelter Dog Wednesday: Blind Cici Almost Wandered Away from Her Rescue

Animal control had to return to the park where the Chihuahua mix was abandoned with her brothers.

Last Updated on May 13, 2015 by Dogster Team

As Adopt a Shelter Dog Month comes to a close, we’d like to honor our final Dogster shelter dog.

Responding to a call about two adult dogs and three puppies abanoned in a local park, animal control initially only found four of the five reported dogs. What had happened to the fifth? A search the next day turned up little Cici, who, in her blindness, had strayed from the pack. Had animal control not returned, Cici might have been left to her own devices to survive — and probably would not have survived long.

Or maybe she would have. Cici doesn’t care that she’s blind — she was off to go on an adventure! According to Cici’s Dogster page, the Chihuahua mix gets along just fine. The veterinarian seemed to think that Cici was born blind, so she’s adapted well to her disability.

After being picked up from the park, Cici and one of her brothers was adopted by their forever family. The shelter that adopted them out usually doesn’t let people take home two puppies at once, but they made an exception for Cici since she is blind and depends on her brother to navigate the world. Her other brother went to his own forever home.

We’re so happy this potentially sad story had a happy ending. Whoever abandoned Cici and her brothers didn’t deserve them in the first place!

Photos via Cici’s Dogster page

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