Dogs Play Poker, Ride Scooters, and Otherwise Act Like Humans in These Peculiar Pics by Tracy Willis

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Do you ever look over at your dog and think that their doing something a human would do? Well, U.K.-based photographer Tracy Willis has taken that idea and has transformed it into a brilliantly peculiar photo project. It’s called Animal Antics, and it showcases canines playing the piano, riding around in vehicles, and even getting together over a few drinks to partake in a game of poker. Her own dogs — Bonnie the Maltipoo, Bella the Maltipoo, Barney the Havanese, Murphy the Tibetan Terrier, and Freya the Lhasa Apso — take a starring role.

Check out Tracy’s eye-catching images.

[brightcove videoID=5467449163001 playerID=HJNwsLuMW height=400 width=700]
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