Watch a Dog Dream of Food, Then Wake Up to a Treat!

This dog is dreaming of a tasty treat -- and then, BAM. There it is! He should do this every day.


Editor’s Note: This video comes to us from Petsami, the YouTube channel for funny pet and animal videos.

Dogs and food, food and dogs — they go together like two peas in a pod, or like a doggie biscuit in a dog’s waiting mouth. Dogs love to eat, they love to beg at the dinner table, they love to snatch morsels off your plate when you’re not looking. It’s a survival technique that’s enabled them to thrive as a species for thousands of years. And you gotta eat it fast — otherwise a vulture might dive out of the sky and snatch it up!

“You gonna eat that?” dogs say with their wide puppy eyes. “Because if not, I will … oh, I so will.”

So imagine the glee of this happy hound, while (most likely) dreaming of food, he awakes to find a tasty dog treat at his nose. A dream really is a wish your heart makes, and wishes do come true!

Or maybe it was just the smell alone that awakened him. That’s a much better way to wake up than to the sound of an alarm clock!

Let’s watch that again, shall we? Aww, too cute. What a wonderful life some dogs lead! It’s like a kid waking up on Christmas morning! Now if only your human kids were as easy to please …

Photo: Hund traumt von Knochen by Shutterstock

Petsami is the number one destination for funny pet and animal videos, blogs and photos. It’s the digital entertainment network for your animal instincts. Please visit for more stories.

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