Sniff Pet Candles: Aromas for Your Dog — And You

These clean, green candles are designed for the olfactory comfort of sensitive canine snouts.

Last Updated on May 13, 2015 by Dogster Team

It’s not often that a home accessory designed for dogs’ benefit transcends the pet-product arena and looks perfectly at home in dogless digs (wherever those may be). That’s the first thing that impressed me about Sniff Pet Candles: The aromatherapy products are all that and more.

I set great store by the way my place smells –- I was a sucker for fragranced candles even in the dark days before I lived with one dog, let alone four. Now, however, I insist on naturally aromatherapeutic essential oils; clean-burning, environmentally friendly waxes; and nontoxic wicks. Why? Because obnoxious chemical fragrances make dogs uncomfortably sneezy, and as a health nut, I believe the last thing my dogs and I need is to inhale the toxic vapors released by burning perfumed paraffin pillars or votives.

Sniff feels the same way, so their candles were created for the olfactory comfort of exquisitely sensitive canine snouts. A molten blend of organic soy, palm, and beeswax is poured into elegant, recyclable glass jars studded with organic cotton wicks. The end result rivals –- and quite possibly surpasses — any haute candle you’d find at Neiman Marcus. It’s not hard to imagine these clean, green candles illuminating the tables at any swanky restaurant that prides itself on serving health-conscious, farm-to-table food in a pollution-free atmosphere.

Because they were designed for dogs and the people who love them, Sniff candles have something extra we can all appreciate when it’s time to, ahem, clear the air in the great indoors: Heady, essential-oil-infused fragrances and 70 solid hours of burn time.

My favorite in the collection? Fart & Away, whose delightful combo of floral ylang ylang, tuberose, white tea, myrtle, and fennel works like a charm to dissipate any awkwardly unexpected emissions.

And if you’re into rescued dogs, as I am, here’s what might impress you most about these candles: Sniff donates a portion of each sale to rescue organizations and city shelters throughout the country.

Now, that’s up to Sniff.

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