Video We Love: The Kind Leading the Blind

A tail of unexpected friendship: Formerly timid and fearful street dog Blair helps guide and soothe blind Golden Retriever Tanner.

Liz Acosta  |  May 3rd 2012

Get your tissues ready — this one is a tear-jerker!

Meet Tanner, a blind Golden Retriever who suffers from seizures that cause him to lose control of his bodily functions, resulting in unpleasant messes to clean up. After Tanner lost his original owner, he became fragile, seizing more frequently and severely, and easily panicked. Because Tanner was increasingly difficult to care for, a vet suggested putting him to sleep.

Now meet Blair, a mutt from off the streets, who, after getting shot, became timid and fearful.

By chance the two dogs ended up in the same yard, and that’s when a beautiful friendship was forged. Blair helps guide Tanner around, and since they met, Tanner’s seizures have ceased. Blair has also undergone a transformation, becoming a much more confident dog.

Both dogs are looking for a forever home that will adopt them together.

But after this tale of compassion, kindness, and triumph, we don’t doubt someone will be inspired to welcome them into their family.

Via Jezebel