Now This Is a Family Dog: Goldendoodle Saves a Pregnant Woman Who’s in Seizure

Thanks to one dog's barking, a mother and her child are alive today.


Are you or is someone you know pregnant? You should get her a dog for her baby shower. Specifically, you should get her Louie the Leaper, a year-old Goldendoodle who saved his pregnant human friend from tragedy.

Louie isn’t much of a barker, so it surprised Richard Giannetta when he heard the young dog barking frantically. He rushed to find out what all the commotion was about, and Giannetta found Louie standing over his wife, Janelle, who was seizing and foaming at the mouth. She was 26 weeks pregnant.

Richard immediately dialed 911 and accompanied his wife to the hospital, where she underwent an emergency Caesarean section to save the life of mother and baby. Prior to the incident, Janelle had no history of seizures. She was diagnosed with eclampsia — a potentially life-threatening complication of pregnancy.

However, thanks to Louie, Janelle and her baby are still here today.

Richard is just glad to have his family intact, as well as a new addition. The story of Louie’s heroics is one we’re sure the kid will hear over and over from the new mom and dad.

Now that’s a Dogster confessional we’d love to read! We can see the headline now: “How a Dog Saved My Mother From Seizing Us to Death.”

Via Huffington Post; Photo: Photo of a pregnant woman and pensive dog by Shutterstock

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