Here’s a Question: Would You Buy Dog Perfume for $55?

Rich people will. They like spending $19 for doggie eye pads and $55 for dog skin lotion.


The problem with many dog shampoos and beauty products is that they simply aren’t expensive enough. This is mostly a problem for the rich, who do not like to buy things that are not expensive.

Fortunately, some luxury dog products have recently come on the market, according to the New York Daily News, allowing the rich to go crazy buying up everything they can get their hands on that costs obscene amounts.

An 8 ounce bottle of dog shampoo? For $18? Gimme 50!

What’s more, the company — Dog Fashion Spa, which is based in (where else) Manhattan — has a whole line of stuff that you aren’t going to want to buy but the rich certainly will, because the items are expensive and look so pretty. I mean, take this packaging. I don’t care what this is, I’m going to give this to my wife for her birthday:

Oops, it’s dog perfume. Oh, sorry — parfum.

Domenico Ponti and Elena Volnova started the company in June, when they looked around and saw how hard it was to buy perfume for dogs for $55 or lotion for dogs for $17 or a paw moisturizer and brush set for $18.

“Where is the dog perfume for $55!” they screamed at the mirror every morning. (Editor’s note: No, they didn’t.)

They also wanted to knock people who think dog perfume should smell like vanilla, because, ha ha, you rubes. “We recognized that many dog owners wanted a complex fragrance — not just something like vanilla or strawberry.”

In your FACE, person-who-thinks-vanilla-might-be-nice-on-a-dog.

The founders of the company realize you are not going to buy their stuff, and they’re OK with that.

“We’re not for everyone,” Volnova admitted. “Our average consumer is a 35- to 65-year-old woman, and we find that we appeal to a set who really take care of themselves.”

Note: Volnova is not implying that you don’t take care of yourself! Don’t read words so literally, for God’s sake.

Of course, if we had a truck full of money ourselves, we would probably buy up a bunch of this stuff, because the products are non-toxic and use natural, high-quality ingredients and all that good stuff. We’re all for good products! Even if they are $19 “gentle eye pads.”

Fifty-five dollars for dog perfume, though? That’s rough.

Via the New York Daily News; photos via Dog Fashion Spa’s Facebook

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