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5 Dog Apps for iPads & iPhones You Can Download Today (2024 Update)

Written by: Brooke Billingsley

Last Updated on June 18, 2024 by Dogster Team

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5 Dog Apps for iPads & iPhones You Can Download Today (2024 Update)

Most of us are never without some form of electronic in our hands these days. Whether you have an iPad or an iPhone, you may have found yourself wondering if there are games available that would allow you to include your dog in your time on your device. After all, if the options are between playing with your dog or scrolling for hours, we all know which one sounds like more fun! Let’s take a look at a few potential apps that could keep your dog stimulated.

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The 5 Apps for Dogs

1. App for Dog

App for Dog

If you think you might have a little canine Picasso on your hands, then you’ll both have a blast with App for Dog. This application allows your dog to play a painting game with automatic color shifting, ensuring you get a unique piece of art every time your dog touches the screen. One color palette is included with the free version of the app and eight additional color palettes are available for purchase. You can save your dog’s paintings to a gallery and even share them on social media.

This app requires you to identify yourself as a person when you use the app, ensuring that your dog won’t accidentally close themselves out of the game. A button-pressing activity and dog training clicker, which can be changed to the sound of a squeaky toy or a bell, are available as in-app purchases as well.

2. Dog Squeaky Toy — Dog Sounds by Relax My Dog

Dog Squeaky Toy

Dog Squeaky Toy is exactly what it sounds like—an app with animated “squeaky toys” that your dog can press with their nose or paw. There are multiple animated toys in the game, including a rubber chicken, tennis ball, basketball, and soccer ball.

There are five different sounds to choose from, allowing you to change the sound and toy on the screen to maintain your dog’s interest. If your dog really likes the sounds that toys make, then they may love this game, but keep in mind that some dogs may be frustrated by never being able to “catch” the toy.

3. Jolly Dog: Game For Pets

Jolly Dog

Link: Jolly Dog: Game For Pets on the App Store (
Cost: Free, in-app purchases

Jolly Dog is a fun app that dogs and cats will both enjoy. The simplicity of the game is part of what makes it so wonderful. All you do is hit the “play” button and the screen will endlessly loop through different toys and critters, like mice, crabs, butterflies, and fish, that scurry across the screen.

The objects on the screen make noises to increase interest, and the colors used in the game are optimized for the visual spectrum of dogs. All your dog has to do is tap the objects to “catch” them. This app is free but offers in-app purchases for additional objects.

4. Puppy Tapper

Puppy Tapper

Link: Puppy Tapper on the App Store (
Cost: Free, in-app purchases

Puppy Tapper is similar to Jolly Dog in that this game is simply a loop of moving objects on the screen for your dog to “catch” with their nose or paws. Cats, squirrels, puppies, and rabbits all scurry across the screen, just waiting to be caught.

All of the animals are included in the free version of the app, with the exception of the Maltipoo puppy, which can be purchased in the app. All you have to do is select the critter and background for your dog and hit the start button. With five backgrounds to choose from and colors that are easy for your dog to see, this game is sure to be a hit.

5. DogCam


Link: DogCam – Dog Selfie Camera App
Cost: Free, in-app purchases

DogCam is definitely an app that’s geared more toward dog owners than the dogs themselves, but this app aims to solve a problem that so many of us have with trying to get good pictures of our pets.

DogCam offers a variety of interesting sounds to capture your dog’s attention, including whistling, barking, and the sounds of a squeaky toy. The whole purpose of this app is to help you get your dog to look right at the camera, allowing any dog owner to become a photographer. There is also an option in the app to create videos. The photos and videos can be shared directly via text and email, as well as shared on social media sites.

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What Makes an App Good for Your Dog?

The top thing to keep in mind when it comes to finding apps for your dog to interact with is that dogs have a different sense of sight than people do. They see colors in the blue, yellow, and green families best. Because of this, many apps that are optimized for human use may be difficult for your dog to interact with. By choosing apps that have been developed specifically for dogs to use, your dog will be more likely to be interested and engaged in the game.

Just remember to protect your screen and supervise your dog while they play to ensure they don’t hurt your device or themselves.

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It was only a matter of time before apps began being developed for the purpose of entertaining our pets, but there’s nothing wrong with leaning into this trend. Dog-focused apps can be a good way to engage your dog’s brain, providing them with enrichment and entertainment. Just make sure to find time every day for exercise and quality time together without a digital screen in the middle.

Featured Image Credit: Jonas Leupe, Unsplash

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