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Dog Groomer Tipping: How Much to Give in 2024

Written by: Nicole Cosgrove

Last Updated on April 24, 2024 by Dogster Team

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Dog Groomer Tipping: How Much to Give in 2024

If you have a dog that needs to periodically go to the groomer to get spruced up, you may be wondering if you are supposed to tip the groomer. If so, how much? It’s up to you whether you do it, but it’s generally recommended to tip your dog’s groomer. After all, they are performing a necessary service that keeps your dog looking and feeling their best.

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What’s the Best Amount to Tip a Dog Groomer?

A typical dog grooming session includes a bath, haircut, and perhaps extras like nail clipping, ear cleaning, and expressing the anal glands. Tipping any service provider can be tricky, but a good rate to start with for your groomer is 15%.

If your groomer has done a satisfactory job grooming your dog but didn’t go the extra mile, a 15% tip is fine. However, if your groomer has gone above and beyond while grooming your dog, you should tip them a bit more. For example, if your groomer spent a lot of time removing matted hair and clipping long nails, a tip of 20% or more would be great.

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Image Credit: Karlin Richardson, Pixabay

Why You Should Give Your Groomer a Tip

Dog grooming is not an easy job to perform. Not only is it physically challenging, but it’s also a service typically done out of love for dogs and one that often involves working with uncooperative pets.

Another good reason to tip a groomer is that many dog groomers are small business owners who need all the support they can get. Times are tough for many small business owners who are dealing with things like paying out of pocket for insurance and rising supply prices.

Don’t forget that any job in the service industry is hard. The wages aren’t typically high, and the work itself is demanding, including the extra tasks that your dog groomer does every single day.

It’s likely that your groomer often works up a sweat dealing with the occasional dog that simply doesn’t enjoy being groomed. They may face nippy dogs daily and big heavy dogs that must be moved from the tub to the grooming table. If you’ve ever tried picking up a big dog and moving them from point A to point B, you know it’s tough!

If you think about how great your dog looks when you pick them up from the groomer, you’ll realize that your groomer did a whole lot of work. If your groomer went the extra mile and did something like put ribbons in your dog’s hair or a colorful bandana around their neck, your groomer probably deserves a nice big tip.


How Much Money Do Dog Groomers Make?

Dog grooming is a fulfilling career for anyone who wants to work one-on-one with dogs. In the United States, dog groomers earn around $29,000 annually. However, groomers who specialize in a specific breed or those who groom at dog shows can earn much more.

Of course, like with any career, the exact amount a dog groomer earns depends on several factors, including the groomer’s education, location, and experience. Another factor is whether the groomer is self-employed or working for someone else.

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Image By: Dmytro Zinkevych, Shutterstock

What to Do If You Can’t Afford to Tip Your Groomer

If you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford to give your dog groomer a tip, that’s okay! There are other things you can do to show your appreciation for a job well done.

The best thing you can do if you can’t leave a tip is to thank your groomer for all that they do. Dog groomers, like other service providers, love being appreciated, so be sure to tell your groomer what a great job they have done.

Another great alternative to a monetary tip is to recommend your groomer to other dog owners. Don’t forget to tell your groomer that you’re going to spread the word because they will surely appreciate the extra business. Word-of-mouth recommendations can do wonders for building a client base, so get out there and recommend your groomer to other dog owners you know.

You can also tip your groomer with something other than money, like baked goodies. The point is that you’ll be showing your groomer that you truly appreciate the work they’re doing, even if you can’t afford to leave a cash tip.



Now that you know it’s generally recommended to tip a dog groomer, be prepared to give your groomer a little extra money the next time you take your dog in for a trim.

If you can’t afford to tip your groomer, be sure to thank them for a job well done and recommend them to your friends. Your groomer keeps your dog looking great, so be sure to show your appreciation to the person who works hard to earn an honest living.

Featured Image Credit: DuxX, Shutterstock

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