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20 Creative DIY Wooden Dog Bed Plans You Can Build Today (With Pictures)

Written by: Kit Copson

Last Updated on April 5, 2024 by Dogster Team

dog on a wooden bed with cushion

20 Creative DIY Wooden Dog Bed Plans You Can Build Today (With Pictures)

There’s nothing better than sharing your life with a dog, but let’s face it—sometimes, supplies are just plain expensive. There are some amazing dog beds that you can buy online or in pet stores, but a high-quality, durable one isn’t likely to come cheap. An alternative is to build your own DIY wooden dog bed with a few basic tools and materials.

The best thing about wooden dog beds is that they’re sturdy, long-lasting, and less likely to be chewed up. You can fill them with your dog’s favorite blankets and cuddly toys to make it a really cozy spot. If you’re ready to get stuck into your next DIY project, check out this roundup of beginner-friendly, intermediate, and advanced DIY wooden dog beds.divider-dog paw

Top 20 DIY Wooden Dog Beds

1. $12 DIY Pet Bed by Shanty 2 Chic

DIY Dog Wood Beds
Image By: Shanty 2 Chic
Materials:  Furring strips, pocket holes, pocket hole screws, nails, wood stain
Tools: Kreg jig, saw, wood glue, nailer
Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate

This simple, inexpensive DIY pet bed is put together with furring strips of varying sizes (1x4x8, 1x2x8, 2x4x10), a nailer, some screws, nails, and plenty of wood glue. We’d estimate that this bed would take a few hours to make if you’re a beginner—less time if you’re an experienced DIYer. It’s suitable for small dogs It’s also super cheap to make if you already have all the tools—according to the creator, the wood cost under $12 in wood!

2. DIY Dog Bunk Bed and Feeder Station by Budget101

DIY Dog Wood Beds
Image By: Budget 101
Materials:  Wood pieces, nails
Tools: Circular saw, sander, tape measure, hammer, drill, stapler, wood glue, nailer, screwdriver
Difficulty Level: Advanced

If you’re the parent of multiple dogs and have some DIY experience, this doggy bunk bed might be what you need. Though this is a more advanced kind of project, the creator kindly made a YouTube video of the process—you can find it in the link to the plan. If you have only one dog, the below section can be made into a feeder instead of a second bed. The design was inspired by standard bunk bed plans, but the measurements were halved to make it into a dog bed.

3. Pallet Dog Bed from 1001 Pallets

DIY Dog Wood Beds
Image By: 1001 Pallets
Materials:  Pallets, screws
Tools: Saw bench, sander, 60 grit paper, wood glue, water-based varnish, screwdriver, fine paper, drill
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This pallet dog bed with raised sides took the creator 3 days to put together. It’s made with wood pallets and put together with screws and wood glue and finished off with water-based varnish. This is quite a large dog bed but can be tailored to any size you want—you might not need to spend as much time on it if you go for a smaller size. We love the natural look of this dog bed and can picture it as a very cozy slumber spot once it’s been filled!

4. DIY Dog Bed With Storage by DIY Huntress

DIY Dog Wood Beds
Image By: DIY Huntress
Materials:  Drawer, wood pieces (may vary)
Tools: Saw, wood glue, screwdriver, drill (may vary)
Difficulty Level: Easy

This DIY dog bed with storage is a breeze to build, but you may also use it for inspiration for your own DIY project. If you have an old drawer lying around, you could simply add some wooden planks on top to create sides (if they aren’t already attached) and put a comfy blanket or cushion inside. Combining your dog bed and a storage spot is a great way to optimize your space.

5. Prodigal Pieces DIY Pet Bed for Small Dogs

DIY Dog Wood Beds
Image Credit: Prodigal Pieces
Materials:  Wood, felt furniture feet, wood screws, trunk handle
Tools: Kreg pocket-hole drill, drill, jigsaw, miter saw, sander, builder’s square, table saw, tape measure, DIY workbench
Difficulty Level: Moderate

The creator of this DIY pet bed made it with small and medium dogs in mind, but you can always change up the size to fit a larger dog. It looks super cozy and costs around $30 to make, so this is an option well worth considering if you’re hoping to save a few dollars.

Felt furniture feet attached to the bottom help prevent your floor from getting scratched and the creator included trunk handles on the sides to make it more portable.

6. The Inspired Workshop DIY Large Dog Bed

DIY Dog Wood Beds
Image Credit: The Inspired Workshop
Materials:  Fence pickets, wood, pocket-hole screws, brad nails
Tools: Kreg jig, miter saw, sander
Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate

If you’ve got a heftier breed on your hands, this DIY dog bed was designed specifically for large dogs but, again, it can be tailored to be smaller if you wish. The recipient of this amazing dog bed was a 60–70-pound dog.

Like several other designs, it’s raised slightly off the floor to help protect it and is perfect for filling with a large cushion or blanket. According to the creator, it only costs around $36 to make.

7. Couch-style DIY Dog Bed by The Pretty Mutt

DIY Dog Wood Beds
Image Credit: Pretty Mutt
Materials:  Wood, screws, hinges, wooden legs, angle top plates
Tools: Screwdriver, drill
Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate

We have to admit, we’re in love with this couch-style DIY dog bed. Though a relatively simple design, when kitted out with cushions, it has a lovely regal look to it which is perfect for elegant and dignified pooches.

The open, low front section makes it easy for your dog to hop on and off. Best of all, the creator provides detailed instructions which include a size guide if you want to change things up and tips on handling potential mistakes.

8. Room for Tuesday Easy Chest of Drawers DIY Bed

DIY Dog Wood Beds
Image Credit: Room For Tuesday
Materials:  Old chest of drawers, brass bin pulls, silicone, white spackling, white spray paint, satin pebble spray paint
Tools: Screwdriver, sandblaster, grit sanding block
Difficulty Level: Easy

If you have an old chest of drawers or a cupboard with drawers lying around, you could recycle it into something like this. The DIYer who created this dog bed used an old cupboard, removed the doors, and attached the drawer to the bottom. The drawer acts as the dog bed, allowing you to put ornaments on top of the cupboard for decoration.

We love how with this project you don’t even need to buy any extra wood—you can simply recycle whatever you have available.

9. The Owner-Builder Network Cozy Barrel Dog Beds

DIY Dog Wood Beds
Image Credit: The Owners Builder Network
Materials:  Wine barrel, bolts, nuts, sealer, plastic dip, wood stain
Tools: Drill with bits, jigsaw with blades, hammer, pliers, chisel, palm sander, belt sander, sharpie, or pencil
Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate

Here’s more inspiration for creating dog beds out of barrels if the project above has tickled your fancy. The above link shares information on the kinds of barrels you can get and more detailed information on the kinds of materials and tools you’d need for a project like this.

You can buy dog beds like this, but they’re not likely to come cheap so making your own could save you hundreds of dollars. If you’re so inclined, you could even use some of the extra wood to create a cute name tag like the ones shown in the Pinterest photo.

10. TV Stand Dog Bed from Home Decor Ideas

DIY Dog Wood Beds
Image Credit: Decor Home Ideas
Materials:  Old TV stand, paint, primer, wood screws, flat sash, wallpaper, polyurethane clear coat, velcro strips, lighting fixtures, wood stain
Tools: Sander, tack cloth, drill, wood glue, paint brushes, foam roller, poly weave roller, paint tray, painter’s tape
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Major kudos to the person who makes these gorgeous TV stand dog beds—they’re clearly incredibly resourceful and creative. All you need to do is take an old TV cabinet and remove any unnecessary drawers and doors, sand it, clean it, and prime it.

The fun part is that you get to decorate the interior however you like. We saw TV stand dog beds with fluffy rugs clocks, hanging frames, and even lampshades inside.

11. Pallet Two-Dog Bed by 1001 Pallets

DIY Dog Wood Beds
Image Credit: 1001 Pallets
Materials:  Wood pallets, pocket screws, wood glue, stain
Tools: Pocket-hole jig, circular saw, sander, drill, hammer
Difficulty Level: Moderate to advanced

If you’ve got two dogs that like to sleep near each other, this nifty two-dog bed made from wood pallets is a great choice. Judging by the YouTube video, this might take a while, especially given that there’s a fair bit of sanding to do.

If possible, you might want to get someone to help you out with the sanding to reduce the time it will take. The project is finished by placing a plush dog bed inside each pallet.

12. One Project Closer End Table Dog Crate/Bed

DIY Dog Wood Beds
Image Credit: One Project Closer
Materials:  Maple wood, sanded plywood, Kreg pocket-hole screws, wood dowel, tapered legs, plywood edge banging, piano hinge, wood stain, round metal stair balusters
Tools: Clamp, drill, sander, measuring tools, tape measure, router, chisel
Difficulty Level: Moderate to advanced

This is a from-scratch DIY dog bed that doubles up as a crate and end table. We’d recommend it for those with some DIY experience as there are quite a few materials and tools required, though the step-by-step instructions are very clear and straightforward, which is a huge help.

The table/crate is finished off with a dark walnut wood stain and sealed with polyurethane to give it a warm, natural look.

13. Super Simple DIY Table Bed

DIY Dog Wood Beds
Image Credit: 86 Lemons
Materials:  Old table, maple wood flooring, glue, wood filler (optional)
Tools: Clamps, sander
Difficulty Level: Easy

If you’re a complete beginner or want a DIY project without a whole lot of work, check out this super simple DIY table bed. The creator started with an old table that needed sprucing up, so they removed the doors and hinges and painted what was left to give it a more modern look.

If you prefer, though, you don’t need to paint—if you like the table as it is or have a table that’s already perfect the perfect fit, you could always just leave it as it is and put a cushion inside. What could be simpler?!

14. Ikea Hack Storage Crate Dog Bed

DIY Dog Wood Beds
Image Credit: Hesters Handmade Home
Materials:  Ikea crate
Tools: Screwdriver, pliers
Difficulty Level: Easy

For the ultimate easy DIY project, why not buy an Ikea storage crate? You can either leave it as it is and put your dog’s bed or cushion inside or spruce it up with some paint and decorations—the choice is yours!

A quick tip to finish—Ikea is excellent for buying inexpensive furniture that you can transform into pet beds and crates, so it’s worth considering if you don’t have any old furniture lying around or want something ready-made that you can alter and decorate.

15. DIY Raised Plywood Dog Bed With Removable Ramp by Widen Woodworks

Materials: ¾ inch plywood sheet, wood glue, screws, sandpaper
Tools: Tape measure, table/circular saw, clamps, miter saw, cutting jig, drill, hammer, pencil, stretchers
Difficulty: Advanced

This plan can be challenging for dog owners less accustomed to DIY, but once the cutting and measurements of the pieces are done, it’s simple to put together. The presenter of the video showcasing this plan is very thorough with the steps and explanation and even divided the video into steps for you to follow along. Some specialized tools are needed to craft this dog bed, but seasoned DIYers will likely have most of them already in their garage or woodworking shop.

16. Simple Easy Dog Bed by Puffy Fluffy Dog

Materials: Plywood, nails or staples, wood glue, wood stain
Tools: Tape measure, circular saw, sander, drill or staple gun, set square, brush
Difficulty: Moderate

This plan is perfect for those familiar with DIY but also perfectly achievable for novice crafters with the right tools. The creator doesn’t specify which type of wood they used for the plan, so choosing a type that you’re used to working with may be the best option. There are a few ways to put the bed together, such as with staples or nails, so you can choose depending on which tools you have at home. This is not a step-by-step plan, but the video films all the steps so you can follow along.

17. Custom Dog Bed by Corey Rametta

Materials: 2×6, plywood, angle iron, bolts, spray paint, nails, wood stain, wood glue, tung oil
Tools: Hammer, tape measure, circular saw, table saw, miter saw, pen, ruler, sander, steel brush, nail gun, drill, wrench
Difficulty: Advanced

This plan is for those familiar with woodworking since it requires specialized tools and technical know-how. The result is incredible, however, and this dog bed can be scaled up or down depending on the size of your pup for a perfect fit. Some elements of the plan are optional, such as finishing it with tung oil for protection, but the video explains exactly what each step and addition does to add to the finished dog bed.

18. $15 Pet Bed by The Rehab Life

Materials: 1×6 inch plank, 2×2 inch plank, 2-inch screws, wood filler, wood stain
Tools: Sanding block, tape measure, pen, circular saw, drill
Difficulty: Easy

This cute plan is chic and easy to make and only requires a few tools that most DIY enthusiasts will have at their disposal. This video plan is also thoughtfully created; it provides a list of materials needed at the start and precise measurements for each step. This makes following along a breeze! This dog bed could also be scaled up or down depending on the size of your dog, and the finish can be changed by switching out the wood stain for a different color. All this for just $15!

19. Cozy DIY Dog Bed for Small Dogs by 731 WoodWorks

Materials: Two 2x2s, 1×6, screws, wood glue, wood stain
Tools: Circular saw, table saw, pen, tape measure, screwdriver, clamps, sander
Difficulty: Moderate

This dog bed looks professionally made and is relatively easy to construct, but it requires a few tools that might not be in a casual DIYer’s arsenal. The creator of this plan takes you through the whole build, explaining each step and providing handy written instructions in the description of the video, which makes things easier. The headboard on this dog bed makes it stand out, and it’d be relatively easy to scale up the measurements and materials to accommodate even a giant dog bed!

20. Mid-Century Modern Dog Bed by Modern Builds

Materials: 1×8, 3×16 plywood, screws, wood glue, dowels, nails, wood stain
Tools: tape measure, miter saw, table saw, pencil, set square, jig drill, clamps, Japanese pull saw, hammer, paintbrush
Difficulty: Moderate

This plan is explained thoroughly by the creator, who shows us each step and explains each tool as it’s used. While the difficulty of this dog bed plan is moderate due to the tools required, it’s not complex once all the pieces are correctly cut and measured. The finished dog bed is secure and looks great, with low sides and a wide base that perfectly suits older or larger dogs. If you have the time to create this plan, the extra effort to stain it at the end showcases its design and makes for a stylish piece of furniture that will (hopefully) last your dog a lifetime.


Final Thoughts

DIYing a dog bed is a great way to save money and feel a real sense of reward when your pooch makes themself at home in it. Whether you’re a DIY pro or a complete beginner, we hope you’ve been able to find a DIY project here that you can get stuck into today.

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