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10 DIY Dog Bandana Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Written by: Jessica Kim

Last Updated on May 14, 2024 by Dogster Team

Dog wearing bandana

10 DIY Dog Bandana Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Dressing up dogs can be fun for dog owners, but many dogs may not be on board with wearing a fuzzy sweater on top of their furry coats. Bandanas are a great compromise for dog owners who have dogs that don’t enjoy wearing clothes.

There are all kinds of bandanas that you can buy. However, making your own adds a unique touch to your dog’s overall look. They’re also typically very easy to make. So, if you have a little bit of time and want to make something special for your furry friend, here are some quick DIY dog bandana plans that you can try out.

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The Top 10 DIY Dog Bandana Plans

1. Spoon Flower DIY Dog Bandana

DIY dog bandana by spoonflower
Image Credit: spoonflower
Materials: Fabric, thread
Tools: Sewing machine, fabric scissors, pins, Spoonflower bandana template
Difficulty Level: Easy

This bandana is super quick and easy, especially if you have basic experience with using a sewing machine. This project comes with a bandana template, so all you have to do is pin the template to your fabric and cut the shapes out.

The sewing instructions also include creating a loop that your dog’s collar slides through. So, the bandana will stay securely in place, and you don’t have to worry about if it’s too loose or too tight.

2. Clean and Scentsible Cricut Dog Bandana

DIY Clean and Scentsible Cricut Dog Bandana
Image Credit: cleanandscentsible
Materials: Fabric, Cricut iron-on vinyl, dog collar
Tools: Cricut machine, Cricut Easy Press/iron, scissors, pins, bandana template
Difficulty Level: Easy

If you have a Cricut machine, this dog bandana is a super easy, no-sew project. It comes with a standard bandana template, and then you can get creative with customizations by using the Cricut’s iron-on material.

Since this project takes very little time to complete, it’s a great idea if you’re looking to make a lot of bandanas. They would be perfect party favors or holiday gifts for all your pet parent friends.

3. Brooklyn Berry Designs DIY Dog Bandana

DIY Brooklyn Berry Designs Dog Bandana
Image Credit: Brooklyn Berry Designs
Materials: Fabric, thread
Tools: Sewing machine, iron, fabric scissors, pins, bandana template
Difficulty Level: Easy

This DIY bandana plan also attaches to your dog’s collar, so it’s fun to create different patterns that you can switch out every time you take your dog out. The instructions include an easy template that you can use to create a bandana that matches your dog’s size.

You also have the option to create a reversible model by using two different fabrics and making minor adjustments to the sewing steps. The possibilities are endless with this pattern, and you can quickly make multiple bandanas once you get the hang of it.

4. Amy Latta Creations Easy DIY Pet Bandana

DIY Pet Bandana
Image Credit: amylattacreations
Materials: Fabric
Tools: Sewing machine or needle and thread, pins, bandana template
Difficulty Level: Easy

If you’re new to sewing, this pet bandana is a great place to start and is beginner-friendly. While using a sewing machine will greatly speed up the process, you can also use a needle and thread to make your own stitches. If you’re concerned about not being able to make clean stitches, you can always choose to make a dark-colored bandana and sew with matching dark thread.

Another nice feature is that you can choose to slip your dog’s collar through the bandana, or you can simply tie it around your dog’s neck without a collar.

5. Art Gallery Fabrics Dog Bandana with Buttonhole

Materials: Fabric, button
Tools: Sewing machine, fabric scissors, pins, bandana template
Difficulty Level: Easy

This dog bandana has a clean and polished look. Rather than having a bunch of fabric hanging from the bandana knot, this pattern incorporates a button to keep the bandana in place. The instructions also include top stitching to really make the bandana look clean and professionally made.

You can also use two different types of fabrics to create a reversible bandana. You would just have to attach another button to the other side so you can secure the bandana from both sides.

6. My Golden Thimble Dog Bandana Pattern

DIY My Golden Thimble Dog Bandana Pattern
Image Credit: mygoldenthimble
Materials: Fabric
Tools: Sewing machine, pins, template, fabric scissors
Difficulty Level: Easy

This bandana looks particularly good on dogs with long and fluffy coats. It includes extended straps on the ends so that you can tie a clean knot or bow without bunching up the rest of the bandana. So, this bandana won’t get lost in your dog’s thick coat.

We also like that this bandana can easily become reversible. You just have to use different fabrics and don’t have to make any other changes to the instructions.

7. Sew Caroline Dog Bandana

DIY Dog Bandana Sew Caroline
Image Credit:
Materials: Fabric, snaps
Tools: Sewing machine, fabric scissors, pins, bandana template
Difficulty Level: Easy

One of the best things about this bandana plan is that it comes in seven different sizes. So, it’s much easier to figure out a size that works best for your dog. This particular bandana uses snaps to hold the bandana in place.

So, make sure to find a pair of strong snaps that don’t easily detach from each other and can stay intact while your dog plays and runs around.

8. Sparkles of Sunshine Reversible Dog Bandana

DIY Reversible Dog Bandana
Image Credit: Sparkles of Sunshine
Materials: Fabric
Tools: Sewing machine, pins, fabric scissors
Difficulty Level: Easy

This reversible dog bandana is super easy to make, and it’s a great way to use up leftover fabric scraps. It’s made reversible by attaching two different fabrics at the top seam. However, if you want to make this project even easier, you can just use one large piece of fabric rather than two different ones.

The bandana slips onto the collar and rests comfortably around your dog’s neck, making it a great choice for dogs that really don’t like wearing clothes.

9. Lia Griffith DIY Dog Bandana

DIY Dog Bandana
Image Credit: Lia Griffith
Materials: Fabric
Tools: Sewing machine, needle, pins, fabric scissors, iron, bandana template
Difficulty Level: Moderate

What makes this DIY dog bandana plan unique is that it uses a background fabric to create a border around your main fabric. While the steps for completing this project are relatively easy, it does require some expertise and precision to line up the two different fabrics and create an even border along the edges of the bandana.

So, you might want to practice on some fabric scraps before using the nice fabric you’ve set aside for this project.

10. Treasurie Dog Bandana Pattern

Materials: Fabric, ric rac (optional)
Tools: Sewing machine, pins, fabric scissors, bandana template
Difficulty Level: Easy

We love this dog bandana pattern because you can get really creative with it. It can be reversible, and the instructions also include steps for adding Ric Rac along the edges. The bandana is also a great length to hang on both the front and back of your dog.

The template comes in four different sizes, so it’s pretty easy to find a size that fits your dog really well. Since it fits onto your pet’s collar, it’ll always maintain a clean and smooth appearance.



Dog bandanas are a fun and simple way to dress up your dog without causing your dog discomfort. You can also use different fabrics that match your dog’s personality and let their personality shine through fashion. Bandanas are also very easy to make, so they’re great for practicing and improving on your sewing skills.

Overall, bandanas are the perfect accessory for your dog, and they’re great gifts that you can quickly make for friends and families for any occasion. Everyone benefits from a bandana, so sew to your heart’s content and let your creativity lead you to make some fun designs for your special dog.

Featured Image Credit: Martin Castro, Unsplash

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