An Injured Pup Finds Comfort (and Transit) in a Friend’s Jaws

A small dog in China who broke his leg gets around in a basket carried by a much bigger friend.


How do you get around the city if you break your leg and can’t travel under your own power? For one small puppy from Chongqing, China, the solution was easy: Hitch a ride with a friend, just like the rest of us. However, his solution is way more adorable than the human version of asking someone to drive us.

The pup’s owner, one Mr. Lan, found the puppy wandering the streets of Chonqing and took him in. However, he couldn’t go to work and care for the small pup at the same time, so he found an elegant solution. Mr. Lan has a larger dog named Black Tiger, who usually carries vegetables to market in a basket. Instead of vegetables, Black Tiger now carries the smaller dog around in the basket, much to the delight of the locals. And now, the two dogs have become Internet stars, thanks to the video below.

It’s hard to imagine a dog being any safer than in the little pink basket with the handle gripped between Black Tiger’s jaws. It’s even harder to imagine that it could be seen as anything other than tender and heartwarming: A small pup who was wandering around alone and in pain managed to find not one friend, but two. And yet, someone has already found a way to turn this simple story into a platform for xenophobia. On a site called The Sop, Robert Paul Reyes (I have no idea who this guy is, nor what The Sop is) chastises Lan for not taking the puppy to a vet instead of in a basket, then dives straight into racist caricature:

In a country where dog meat is a delicacy, are there even any veterinary hospitals? …

When the Chinese citizens see Black Tiger carrying the puppy in a basket do they feel compassion, incredulity or hunger pangs?

I pray that the little puppy will grow up to be a strong healthy pooch like Black Tiger, and not end up as the main course on somebody’s dinner table.

Some people can see nothing but their own ugliness reflected in everything around them. From the video below, it looks to me like the little pup is in very good hands (and jaws).

Via Metro

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