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Charlotte’s Web CBD Pet Product Review 2024: An Expert’s Breakdown

Written by: Arianna Irwin

Last Updated on May 9, 2024 by Dogster Team

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Charlotte’s Web CBD Pet Product Review 2024: An Expert’s Breakdown

Our Final Verdict

We give Charlotte’s Web an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 4.9/5
Variety: 4.7/5
Ingredients: 4.9/5
Value: 4.8/5

One of my pups, Halle, has been diagnosed with general anxiety and then my other pup, Indy, has skin and fur that gets irritated easily. Of course, I want my dogs to be comfortable and I always try to turn to natural remedies to ease their minds and bodies. So that’s why I loved that Charlotte’s Web has CBD dog chews that were made with all-natural ingredients designed to provide different health benefits. 

The hemp Charlotte’s Web uses for all of their products is farmed in the USA.  They promote regenerative agriculture—a type of farming that works to restore soil biodiversity, reduce carbon emissions, and improve the water cycle.  Additionally, they do great community partnerships where they champion American women, farmers, and veterans. All of these wonderful factors contribute to why I looked into their products as health supplements for both my dogs and myself. 

By incorporating this line of dog-friendly, natural CBD chews into Halle’s and Indy’s daily routine I feel like I’m taking a more proactive step with caring for their overall health.

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At a Glance: The Charlotte’s Web CBD Products We Reviewed

Rating Image Product Details
Our Favorite
Soft Dog Chews for Skin Health and Allergy Support Soft Dog Chews for Skin Health and Allergy Support
  • NASC-certified
  • Natural ingredients
  • Locally and sustainably grown and manufactured
  • Second place
    Soft Dog Chews for Hip and Joint Soft Dog Chews for Hip and Joint
  • Tasty
  • Sustainably sourced hemp
  • Great for pain relief for older dogs
  • Third place
    Soft Dog Chews for Calming Soft Dog Chews for Calming
  • Made in the USA
  • Quality ingredients
  • Easy to give to dogs
  • CBD Gummies: Calm (for humans) CBD Gummies: Calm (for humans)
  • Gluten-Free
  • Yummy flavor
  • Doesn’t make you feel overly drowsy
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    About Charlotte’s Web

    Charlotte’s Web Brand - hemp products

    Who Makes Charlotte’s Web Products and Where is it Produced?

    Charlotte’s Web’s hemp extracts are produced in Colorado in a NSF-cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified facility for dietary supplements. Charlotte’s Web is a Certified “B” Corporation, which is a pretty big deal. This means that they will maintain a level of transparency around their business practices to the public and that these business practices will continue to implement strategies that consider the interests of the environment, their workers, their customers, and the communities they partner with. 

    If you need another reason to support this company, they partner with organizations like the Women’s Bean Project in Colorado which works to provide foundations for independence and a better life. They also work with the Adaptive Training Foundation in Texas, which supports veterans and other adaptive athletes to improve their mental and physical health. 

    And the cherry on top, all of their farming practices are sustainable and all of their ingredients are from farms that are based in the U.S.

    Which Types of Pets is Charlotte’s Web Best Suited For?

    It looks like Charlotte’s Web mostly caters to dogs when it comes to pets, but their human CBD is great too! I also got the “CBD Gummies: Calm” for humans and I love them. My boyfriend, Cris, and I have them almost every night about an hour before we go to bed and really enjoy the relaxed and easy sleep that they cultivate for us. So I can personally recommend their CBD products for puppies and humans alike!

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    Key Features

    Charlotte’s Web Brand - hemp products for dogs

    My little family really enjoyed all of the soft chews for dogs and the human gummies, which were all designed to improve our health, mental space, and overall quality of life. Keep going to see what my favorite features of the Charlotte’s Web CBD pup and human products were: 


    The CBD that is in Charlotte’s Web chews for both pups and humans is made from hemp grown sustainably in the US. Charlotte’s Web maintains stringent control over product quality and consistency with analytic testing from soil to shelf for quality assurance. Their chews and gummies are made with natural ingredients, including; valerian root, passionflower, chamomile, and more. 

    Do The Calming Chews Work

    I have noticed that the calming dog chews aren’t as strong as maybe a CBD oil, which is what we have used in the past with Halle and for when Indy gets excited around new humans or dogs. However, the chews are much easier than the oil to administer to your dogs and I do think they are perfect for a bedtime treat or if you’re leaving the house and want your pup to feel relaxed while you’re gone.

    The “CBD Gummies: Calm” for humans are a MUST and I couldn’t recommend them enough. I think I will be a lifetime subscriber to Charlotte’s Web just for these CBD gummies! They help me drift off to sleep a bit easier after a long day of work, they help me relax and unwind and simply unclench my jaw after sitting at a computer all day. My boyfriend’s mom also became a fan when she was visiting us and asked for them frequently just to help her relax and eventually fall asleep at night. 

    Charlotte’s Web Brand - indy sleeping next to calming chews bag

    Flavor/ Taste

    Halle and Indy can both be a bit picky when it comes to chews or treats. I was nervous because these soft chews are hemp-based, so I thought the girls wouldn’t love the taste. But luckily, all the chews are chicken flavored so they don’t even seem to notice it when I sneak two of them into their dinners. 


    While all the treats are hemp-based and chicken-flavored for dogs, they do have a variety of CBD products that focus on supporting different areas of our pups’ bodies. I love that there is an option that supports skin health related to seasonal allergies. Indy, as a mostly white dog, struggles in the Arizona summer with her skin. I feel like I’m getting a step ahead by incorporating these treats into her diet. 

    There are also CBD treats for hip and joint care, and as Halle gets older, I feel like this is going to be super helpful in keeping her active and comfortable.

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    Reviews of the Charlotte’s Web Products We Received

    1. Soft Dog Chews for Skin Health and Allergy Support

    Charlotte’s Web Soft Dog Chews for Skin Health and Allergy Support

    These are a great choice for preventive care if you have a dog with allergies or with sensitive skin. Unfortunately for us, Indy has both. This chew alongside some good doggy sunscreen is a great formula to keep her healthy and comfortable during the Spring and Summer. Her skin and fur are looking great already!

    • Natural Ingredients
    • Sustainably grown hemp in USA
    • NASC-certified
    • Only one flavor

    2. Soft Dog Chews for Hip and Joint

    Charlotte’s Web Soft Dog Chews for Hip and Joint

    Our pups love long walks and hikes and I’m convinced they think they’ve shapeshifted into mountain goats on some of these hikes with the way they’re jumping on and over rocks. So keeping their hips, joints, and muscles as healthy as possible is super important. I want them to be jumping and running as long as they can be. These chews make it easy to help maintain all of their mobility for as long as possible. 

    • Sustainably sourced hemp
    • Tasty
    • Great for support for healthy joints and flexibility in older dogs
    • Shellfish as an ingredient could bother some dogs

    3. Soft Dog Chews for Calming

    Charlotte’s Web Soft Dog Chews for Calming

    While I don’t know if the dosage in these chews is strong enough for Miss Halle, I will say that the chews are a hit and much easier to administer than the CBD oil that goes on their food or straight into their mouth. I think these are great for a small treat at the end of the day or to give them when we’re leaving the house for longer than an hour. Halle gets nervous so easily when we’re gone, these chews help keep her emotionally balanced until we’re back to comfort her.

    • Easy to give to dogs
    • Quality ingredients
    • Made in the USA
    • May not be as strong as CBD oil

    4. CBD Gummies: Calm (for humans!)

    Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies: Calm

    I cannot say enough good things about these human gummies. They are amazing! Everyone who has tried them, from myself to my sister to my boyfriend to his mother, have all really enjoyed the effect. They don’t taste strongly of hemp, and they aren’t too sweet.  I take two as I’m beginning to wind down for the day and I don’t get instantly drowsy or anything, which is nice. I like to pair the gummies with a nice book, it is the perfect way to end the day. 

    • Yummy flavor
    • Gluten-Free
    • Doesn’t make you feel overly drowsy
    • None I can think of!

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    My Experience With Charlotte’s Web CBD Products

    One of my dogs is a Border Collie Mix and will be eight years old this year. Her name is Halle Berry and she is such a lover, but she is very anxious. Our vet told us at her last annual check-up that she could put Halle on an anti-anxiety prescription. As someone who prefers natural options, I decided I didn’t want her on any kind of pill and looked to CBD products instead. I have found that most CBD chews and treats have not been strong enough for Halle, or they don’t work well, or she hates the taste and won’t eat them. Pretty understandable since they probably taste like hemp. 

    I  decided to give Charlotte’s Web products a try. I wanted to see if this was the natural calming chew that would finally work for Halle. I was happy to find that they have products that address, not just the everyday stress dogs and humans feel, but they also have products that can support a healthy lifestyle and keep my dogs active and feeling strong. So I got the dog chews that help Halle and Indy with their joints and hips as a way to help ease joint stiffness as they get older and keep them healthy. 

    I also got the chews that focus on supporting skin health related to seasonal allergies. I picked this one mostly for Indy, who is a mostly-white Cattle Dog. She is allergic to ants and she definitely gets itchy and some redness on her belly and paws all the time, it doesn’t really matter what season it is. It just seems to get worse in the spring and summer. I have noticed her skin doesn’t look quite as pink or irritated and her little layer of white fur is shiny and soft. Halle and Indy have been having two of these chews with their dinners and they love them, they don’t resist them or spit them out. 

    I got the calming chews for Halle with neutral expectations and the calming gummies for my partner and I to try to help us relax and go to sleep a bit easier. I think CBD oil may still be a better fit for Halle, it just seems to lessen her panting and pacing more rapidly than the treats. However, I will say that both of the dogs loved these treats, they were super easy to administer, and I will give Indy and Halle each one when we leave the house for longer periods of time – just to help them feel at ease.

    I have really enjoyed the CBD gummies and think I might be a Charlotte’s Web convert just for these gummies. I definitely notice a difference. I sleep longer and deeper and I can do a slightly better job at letting go of the stresses of the day before slipping into bed with a book.

    I believe my whole little family is maybe a little healthier now that we’ve added these supplements to our daily lives.

    Charlotte’s Web Brand - indy eating hemp products

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    I would recommend Charlotte’s Web dog calming chews for dog owners with pups that experience occasional stress. I would recommend using these before hosting a party, going on a busy walk where there will be lots of distractions, or maybe even right before bed so you and your pup can wind down in peace. 

    While your dog enjoys his or her tasty calming chew, try a Charlotte’s Web Calm CBD gummy for yourself. The lemon-lime flavor is delicious. The serving size is two gummies, so just pop those in before doing some bedtime yoga, journaling, meditation, or reading to help you fall asleep. 

    The CBD dog chews for hips and joints or the chews designed to support skin health are also great to incorporate into your dog’s daily diet routine. It isn’t a struggle to get them to enjoy this new healthy treat with the chicken flavoring. Plus, they get all these amazing health benefits from all of these natural ingredients.

    I can now rest easy knowing that I’m giving Halle and Indy high-quality supplements designed to help ensure they are living a long, comfortable, and anxiety-free life. 

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