Cesar Millan Dog Whispers on “Ghost Whisperer” — His Side of the Story, Day 4

Thanks to "The Ghost Whisperer" and Cesar Millan for this artwork Tonight's the night to catch Cesar on CBS' "The Ghost Whisperer." And Cesar's folks...


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Thanks to “The Ghost Whisperer” and Cesar Millan for this artwork

Tonight’s the night to catch Cesar on CBS’ “The Ghost Whisperer.” And Cesar’s folks told me to jump over to the National Geographic Channel right after “The Ghost Whisperer” to catch a special “Dog Whisperer” episode. Tonight’s the night to have a lot of buttered popcorn ready for snacks!

Can Dogs Really See Ghosts?

In tonights episode, Delias dog, Bob, is able to see and even to play with Homer the ghost dog. Could this actually be possible? I teach that dogs read human energy as if we are speaking a language with them. They know our every mood and emotion sometimes, even before we do! Could dogs really be aware of spirits that we humans cannot see?

Recently, I had a real life experience with one of my dogs at the Dog Psychology Center that opened my eyes and my mind and made me a true believer.

Preston is a rescued pit bull who has lived with me as part of my pack at the Dog Psychology Center for the past five years. Preston had a friend, also a pit bull, named Dosey, who belonged to my friend Joey. , but often stayed with us at the Center. When Dosey was at the Center, he and Preston had become the greatest of friends. But about a month ago, Dosey passed away from cancer. One day Joey came to the Dog Psychology Center, and something happened that astounded me. Preston went right to Joey and began acting like Dosey. Now, Ive known Preston for five years already, but that day he behaved like Ive never seen him before, He totally became Dosey. I was so amazed, I really wanted to make sure I wasnt imagining things, and I wanted to see if this behavior would continue. So I asked Joey, Is it OK for Preston to come home with you?” Joey agreed.

Dosey had been best friends with one of Joeys three cats. Now, Preston has never seen a cat, lived with a cat, or had anything to do with a cat in his life. But as soon as Preston arrived at Joeys apartment, the cat that had been Doseys friend came running to meet them. At the moment that they met, Preston and this cat went nose to nose and started playing with one another. That night, they slept curled up together, exactly the same way that Dosey used to sleep with the cat. It was definitely like Doseys spirit was inside Preston, or was somehow communicating through him to make everybody who missed him feel a little bit better.

I usually work in the instinctual world, and I had never before experienced that kind of thing with any of my dogs. But from that point on, Ive been more open to the spiritual world, and as Im more open to it, more of it is presenting to me. It is real, and it makes sense to me that our dogs would be much more in tune with it than we are.

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  1. Dogs can SO see ghosts or spirits. My rescued Pit Bull is now about 2 1/2, and I’ve had him for just over a year. He has been the calmest, most loving dog ever, and goes everywhere with me. In the last two months, he became fearful, gazing about as if watching a bug flit side to side and up and down. He is fine when away from home. Without being told all that was going on, an animal communicator determined that he is seeing someone who resembles the man who abused him.

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