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Can Australian Shepherds Live in an Apartment? Facts & Care Tips

Written by: Brooke Billingsley

Last Updated on April 5, 2024 by Dogster Team

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Can Australian Shepherds Live in an Apartment? Facts & Care Tips

Australian Shepherds, or Aussies, are a fun and active dog breed that many people love for their companionship and exuberant personalities. They make excellent companions for active people, and they are typically known to be good with children, making them suitable for families.

If you live in an apartment, though, you may be wondering if you could have an Aussie. In general, we can say that it is alright for Australian Shepherds to live in an apartment. However, there are some things you need to know before you bring home an Aussie.

Can Aussies Live in Apartments?

The short answer is that just about any dog could live in an apartment, but it’s up to the owner to help that dog thrive. Aussies are active dogs that need at least an hour or more of exercise per day. This isn’t the type of dog that will be appeased by a walk around the block, either. They need high-energy activities, like running, hiking, and agility work, and they are usually best suited to a home with a yard.

To have an Aussie in an apartment is a major commitment of your time and attention to your dog. Most Aussies simply won’t thrive in an environment where they can’t physically expel their energy. This intelligent breed can burn some energy via puzzles and games, but nothing can replace physical activity for them.

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How to Entertain an Aussie in an Apartment

If you decide that you have the time and willingness to help an Aussie thrive in your apartment, you’ll need to be prepared. If you’re gone for 12 hours per day for work, then this breed likely won’t suit your lifestyle. You need a job that allows you to be home for a portion of the day so you can spend plenty of time with your dog.

Be prepared to participate in physical activity essentially every day. If you aren’t an active person, don’t get this breed to motivate yourself. This can set you and your dog up for failure, leading to problems.

For people who go for daily runs and bike rides, the Aussie is a good pick. Make sure you are willing to commit to this daily time requirement, though. If you’re someone who becomes less active during the winter or you aren’t willing to go out in yucky weather, then a different breed would be better suited to your personality and lifestyle.

When your Aussie is stuck in the apartment, as will inevitably happen at some point, you should be prepared with things to keep your dog occupied. A Kong toy stuffed with treats and food and then frozen is a great way to keep your dog busy for a little while. You can also teach your Aussie to solve treat puzzles. If you’re extra creative, you’ll be able to create agility activities within your apartment.

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The Aussie is a fantastic dog breed, but they are not suited to apartment living with people who aren’t active. However, in active homes with plenty of outdoor time and ways to burn their energy, Aussies are usually well-matched.

Keeping this high-energy breed in an apartment does require a commitment of time and effort to keep your dog active. A bored Aussie may become destructive, develop separation anxiety, or develop other behavioral problems.

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