Buster the Chihuahua Tries Out the Dogit Jogging Mate


I started taking Buster running with me as a way to burn off some of his anxious energy. Turns out, he absolutely LOVES it and is now my running buddy several times a week. So when we were asked to test the Dogit Jogging Mate hands-free jogging leash, we were definitely up for it. I already use a jogging leash with Buster, but this one has a few different features that I was excited to try out.

I love hands-free jogging leashes, in general, because they make it really easy to run with your dog. Buster also wears a back-clip harness when we run, so that if he stops while we are running it won’t jerk his neck.

Getting ready to go with Buster the Chihuahua. Photo by Eric Lang
Getting ready to run with Buster the Chihuahua. (Photo by Eric Lang)

The first thing I noticed about the Dogit Jogging Mate was the padded waist belt. The majority of the belt is padded, but I was wondering how effective it would be because the padding is on the same side where the leash attaches. When Buster and I run, he usually pulls the leash and belt away from me a bit, so I was wondering if the padding would even do anything.

I put the waist belt on, and when I tried to adjust it, the belt popped out of the buckle, which made me a little nervous. I readjusted it and double-backed the buckle, just in case.

The top photo is not double backed, the bottom photo is double backed. Photo by Abbie Mood
Before double-backing the belt, top, and after. (Photos by Abbie Mood)

Once I felt like the belt was adjusted properly, we were off! I really liked the bungee cord leash. It helps to take the pressure off the leash when Buster runs ahead, and stops him from being jerked if either of us stop unexpectedly. The leash is 40 inches long, so while I let Buster run in front of me, a bigger dog may need to stick to the side. There are D-rings on each side of the leash, so that you can attach your dog to the left or right side.

I was really excited for the cell phone pouch because I usually have to carry something separate for that, but it was a little bouncy. It didn’t slide horizontally along the belt, which was nice, but it did bounce up and down, which was somewhat annoying. The cell phone pouch is easily removed, though, if you would rather not use it. I have an iPhone 6, and with the thin case I have on it, is about 5.5 by 3 inches, and it fit perfectly. I doubt a bigger phone would fit in the pouch.

The leash with and without the detachable cell phone case. Photo by Abbie Mood
The leash with and without the detachable cell phone case. (Photos by Abbie Mood)

The belt also has a little carabiner, which would be great for a key on a key ring or a potty bag holder, though it would likely bounce around, too.

Turns out the padding and the wider belt are helpful, as they don’t allow as for as much pulling away from my waist as other belts I’ve used. I was really happy with the comfort level of the belt.

I really liked the comfort of the waist belt. (Photo by Abbie Mood)
I really liked the comfort of the waist belt. (Photo by Abbie Mood)

Dogster scorecard for the Dogit Jogging Mate

  • Quality: Good. After my initial snafu with the belt popping out of the leash, I doubled it back and it was very secure.
  • Style: The leash and belt are all black, with a reflective band on the belt. It’s not overly fashionable, but I really liked that it was just a basic black.
  • Function: Great. This is definitely the best leash that I’ve used to run with Buster. It was comfortable, and the bungee leash was a great feature. The extra rings were helpful.
  • Creativity: I think that the extra clips and the carabiner were great little features to add to a jogging leash. I appreciated the effort with the cell phone pouch, but it didn’t really work for me because it was so bouncy. It would be great for a walk, though, and it might not bother someone else the way it bothered me.
  • Value: The suggested retail price of the Dogit Jogging Mate is $31.99. Considering the features and quality of this leash, I think that’s a fair price.

Bottom Line

Buster and I really enjoyed testing out the Dogit Jogging Mate, and it worked really well. It was functional and comfortable, and I would highly recommend it for other active pet parents. Buster gives it two paws up, too!

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About the author: Abbie Mood lives in Colorado with her dogs Daisy, Sadie, and Buster, and can usually be found outside with one of them. She is a freelance writer who loves to explore environmental and animal rights issues, food culture, and the human experience through her writing. You can find out more about her atabbiemood.com or her blog, lifediscoveryproject.com. Follow Abbie on Twitter @abbiemood or Instagram @abbiemood.

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