This Is the Best Dressed Dog We’ve Ever Seen

Montjiro just doesn't wear clothes, he IS clothes! Look at the photos! Okay, he just wears clothes.

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Time calls him the Best Dressed Dog on Instagram, and we’re not going to argue with that. Montjiro is the best-dressed anything we’ve seen in months, maybe years. Look how he rocks a checkered cap:

Yes, that’s a bold, fearless take on checkers, but it’s just another sunny afternoon for Montjiro, busting down fashion walls on Instagram. He’s also the official model for Mon’t, a Japanese company that sells original, handmade clothing for dogs. It’s high-end stuff, featuring items of clothing we don’t even know how to pronounce, with so many pictures of Montjiro wearing the luxurious goods it makes our bank account hurt (we can hear our own closet whimpering at home as we write this).

Here he is in a daring hat-and-scarf combo. This is his waiting-in-line-for-a-pastry-in-San-Francisco outfit:

Here he is watching his horse round the bend and head for the final stretch — in the lead, of course. (Actually, Montjiro owns all the horses in the race.)

“Oh, nothing, just heading off to fly around the world. What are you doing today?”

Is there such a thing as an outfit that just does not work? No? Okay, just wondering.

By night, Montjiro works as a bartender at Tavern on the Green. No, he does. He totally does. You’ll have bourbon, neat?

Am I freaking you out yet? Should I put on a leather vest? It’s not bizarre enough, is it? Man, I hate eating dinner with Johnny Depp.

What happens at the shelter stays at the shelter.

Via Time; photos via Instagram

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