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9 Best Bark Collars for Large Dogs in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Written by: Elizabeth Gray

Last Updated on June 27, 2024 by Dogster Team

9 Best Bark Collars for Large Dogs in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Labradoodle dog wearing bark collar training collar or Shock Collar


Training your dog is a complicated but necessary part of ownership. Some dogs respond very well to two general commands, while others need a little extra assistance. Bark collars provide a humane way to control this particular behavior.

Regarding safety, durability, and functionality, we rounded up the best bark collars for large dog breeds we could find on the market. Here are our top reviews.


A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
PATPET A01 Anti-Bark Training Dog Collar PATPET A01 Anti-Bark Training Dog Collar
  • Dual activation bark sensor
  • IPX5 rain-proof
  • Memory function
  • Best Value
    Second place
    GROOVYPETS Rechargeable Waterproof Barking Collar GROOVYPETS Rechargeable Waterproof Barking Collar
  • Waterproof
  • Price-friendly
  • Automatic bark detector
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    PATPET P650 Anti-Bark Training Collar PATPET P650 Anti-Bark Training Collar
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Fabulous range
  • Dual training
  • Best for Puppies
    Kiuluta Dog Bark Collar Kiuluta Dog Bark Collar
  • Good for puppies
  • Automatic bark detection
  • Automatic setting
  • DINJOO Dog Bark Collar DINJOO Dog Bark Collar
  • Many modes and sensitivity levels
  • Filters other dog barks
  • Ideal for medium/large breeds
  • The 9 Best Bark Collars for Large Dogs

    1. PATPET A01 Anti-Bark Training Dog Collar – Best Overall

    Settings: 3
    Sizes: 26 inches
    Special Features: Memory function

    The PATPET A01 Anti-Bark Training Dog Collar is a low-frills, high-quality anti-bark collar. It fits necks close to 26 inches and offers multiple modes for different needs. The collar is one of the more versatile anti-bark solutions and the best overall bark collar for large dogs.
    PATPET’S A01 collar uses a dual activation system that only turns on when the sound of the bark and the vibration from your dog’s vocal cords. False activations are less likely from other dogs barking. Your dog gets consistent feedback for their barking behavior, helping them learn the association and overcome their barking habit faster.

    Owners can switch between beep, vibration, shock, and no shock (beep and vibration) modes in an easy-to-use interface. With the auto mode, the collar progresses through ever-increasing corrections until the barking ceases.

    Alongside the memory function that remembers which intensity is adequate for your dog, the collar ensures the correction never goes overboard. Add in the IPX5 water resistance, and you have an effective, adaptable anti-bark measure that works reliably whether rain or shine.

    • Dual activation bark sensor
    • IPX5 rain-proof
    • Memory function
    • No rechargeable battery

    2. GROOVYPETS Rechargeable Waterproof Barking Collar – Best Value

    GROOVYPETS Rechargeable Waterproof Barking Collar

    Settings: 2
    Sizes: 6–26 inches
    Special Features: Waterproof

    We think that GROOVYPETS Rechargeable Waterproof Barking Collar is an excellent choice, especially for the bargain shopper. Of all the selections, we think the quality and features make It the best bark collar for the money.

    This collar has six levels of vibration and shock, where you can use fixed or cycled modes. It features a dual training mode, which includes a high-pitched sound followed by your choice of vibration or shock.

    This color contains a microphone inside that detects when barking sounds occur, automatically emitting a high pitch sound to warn them, followed by a vibration or shock to interrupt the behavior. It automatically distinguishes between barking and other ambient noises around.

    The entire design is completely waterproof, so you can wear it in all types of inclement weather. It also has an auto sleep feature that is designed to save energy so you can get the most out of each wear. This collar is an excellent value, and we think it is the best bark collar for large dogs for the money.

    • Waterproof
    • Price-friendly
    • Automatic bark detector
    • Not a vibration-only collar

    3. PATPET P650 Anti-Bark Training Collar – Premium Choice

    PATPET P650 Anti-Bark Training Collar

    Settings: 3
    Sizes: 24–64 centimeters
    Special Features: Dual training feature

    PATPET P650 Anti-Bark Training Collar is a fabulous product worth every penny. It is slightly more expensive than some other selections, but we have no complaints about functionality. You’ll get your money’s worth.

    You can purchase this product in a single or double count, depending on how many dogs you are training and whether you simply want two on hand for a single dog. Each one features a dual channel, so you can train two dogs at the same time.

    This versatile color will help with whatever training style you want. The range is fantastic, reaching up to 1000 feet. You can choose between three modes: beeps, vibration, and 16 levels of safe shock.

    This training collar is best for dogs between 15 and 100 pounds. It is very sleek and lightweight, making it comfortable to wear with other collars or harnesses. The entire design and receiver are both completely waterproof.

    The charge is designed to last between 11 and 15 days, and the remote lasts even longer than that, averaging around 1 month.

    • Long-lasting battery
    • Fabulous range
    • Dual training
    • Pricey

    4. Kiuluta Dog Bark Collar — Best for Puppies

    Kiuluta Dog Bark Collar

    Settings: 2
    Sizes: One size
    Special Features: Extra-long battery life

    The Kiuluta Dog Bark Collar is a great introductory tool for puppies or virtually any sized dog. We found because of the simplistic design and sleek attachment, it is a very good fit for puppies. Plus, it has all of the features you might need to get started with training.

    This collar is extremely lightweight and easy to adjust. You can easily pair it with a collar or harness without obstruction. This humane collar offers two modes in one form: beep and vibration. Then, you can switch to the other mode, offering beep, vibration, and shock.

    Since this collar can be used on puppies as small as 5 pounds, shock is not recommended until they reach at least 15 pounds total. You can buy it in black, blue, green, red, purple, and white. It has four sensitivity levels in each mode.

    This rechargeable collar comes with a USB cable, lasting 16 days on a complete charge. It also has waterproof features with strict false bark detection functions that distinguish your dog’s barking from other ambient noises. You can turn this collar on automatic mode, so you don’t even need to use the remote.

    The only downfall is that it has very sensitive noise detection, so it might go off with minimal vocalization from your dog.

    • Good for puppies
    • Automatic bark detection
    • Automatic setting
    • Very sensitive

    5. DINJOO Dog Bark Collar

    DINJOO Dog Bark Collar

    Settings: 4
    Sizes: 6–27 inches
    Special Features: Automatic bark detection, bark filtering

    We really appreciated all the features of the DINJOO Dog Bark Collar. Because it’s a little bulkier than some of the others on our list, we recommend this for medium to large breeds for ultimate wearability, although it can work for smaller breeds if you wish.

    This particular collar has four different working modes with eight adjustable sensitivity levels. You can see all modes on the LED screen display. The working modes are as follows: beep, vibration, beep with vibration, and beep, vibration, and shock.

    The eight levels allow a steady way for your dog to get used to this form of training. It contains a dog bark recognition ship and motion detection technology. Sensitivity levels one to seven activate it by vocal cord movement and barking. At level 8, it is activated only with barking.

    This waterproof design allows your dog to safely play in water or walk in the rain without any repercussions. Our only complaint is that the shock mode is incredibly strong, and it automatically gets stronger. This feature can cause smaller dogs and a lot of pain. Plus, it does not come with a USB for charging.

    • Many modes and sensitivity levels
    • Filters other dog barks
    • Ideal for medium/large breeds
    • Powerful shock
    • No USB

    6. DOBE Dog Bark Collar

    DOBE Dog Bark Collar

    Settings: 3
    Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
    Special Features: Quick intensity dial

    The DOBE Dog Bark Collar is a very straightforward and easy-to-use bark collar. It uses a quick-intensity dial and anti-bark technology for efficient automatic reactions. It has a two-in-one remote control with automatic features that work for any sized dog.

    This color comes with three training modes: beep, vibration, and static. You don’t have to use harmful shocks on your dog to get the message across, as there are mild levels. Both the vibration and static go from 0 to 100 levels.

    The collar is very adjustable, and the remote is straightforward to use. Both are waterproof and reach up to 1,300 feet. It comes with a micro-USB charging cable, and each full charge lasts roughly 7 days working time. The remote has quite a long life, lasting up to 40 days of working time.

    The only thing we do not like about the collar is that you cannot turn off the shock mode. No matter what mode it is in, it will eventually shock if it is triggered.

    We also love that this particular collar comes with a 1-year warranty. So, if you have any problems with your purchase, you can contact the company to make it right.

    • Reaches up to 1,300 feet
    • Several sensitivities levels
    • One-year warranty
    • Cannot turn off shock mode

    7. CZCCWD Rechargeable Dog Bark Collar

    CZCCWD Rechargeable Dog Bark Collar

    Settings: 3
    Sizes: 0–27 inches
    Special Features: False bark detection

    The CZCCWD Rechargeable Dog Bark Collar is a very sensitive collar that does a great job detecting your dog’s bark from other noise. It deserves props for its overall functionality and effectiveness.

    This collar features three training modes: beep, vibration, and shock. Each one has 0 through 5 adjustable sensitivity levels. It also comes with a USB cable, charging between 1 to 2 hours. It can work for 15 days on full charge.

    This particular design works for dogs from 8 to 150 pounds. It has two reflective strips on the adjustable collar for a visible, adjustable fit. You can purchase this collar in five different color choices: black, blue, orange, pink, or red.

    Ultimately, we think this is a very good standard collar. However, the modes can be finicky and hard to figure out.

    • Multiple color choices
    • False bark detection
    • Reflective
    • Finicky sensitivity modes

    8. CNATTAGS Bark Collar

    CNATTAGS Bark Collar

    Settings: 4
    Sizes: One size
    Special Features: LED display

    The CNATTAGS Bark Collar is another very price-worthy product to add to the list. It is relatively large, so we recommend it for medium to large dogs, though it could work for virtually any size.

    This particular color has four humane training modes: beep, beep + vibration, beep + shock, and beep + vibration + shock. Each of these modes has up to seven adjustment sensitivity levels. It is entirely waterproof, so it will work in rain or shine.

    There is an LED display screen so you can see what working mode you’re on and your battery life. It is one of the more simplistic collars on our list, with no super fancy bells or whistles. It does the job.

    We think you’ll love this inexpensive option. The only problem we could see is that the rubber piece to protect your pet from shocks needs to be fixed. So, be mindful of that during the wearing process.

    • Best for medium/large dogs
    • Simple design
    • Inexpensive
    • Loose rubber shield

    9. NBJU Bark Collar

    NBJU Bark Collar

    Settings: 3
    Sizes: 0–25 inches
    Special Features: Made from silicone

    The NBJU Bark Collar Is a basic training collar with all the features you might want to get you started. It uses a smart sensor and a premium chip for accurate noise detection. If it has been activated five times in a row, it automatically stops working for an entire minute.

    This collar offers three training modes: beep, shock, and vibration. There are seven different sensitivity levels, so you can choose the one that works the best for your dog based on weight and size.

    We like that this collar is made out of comfortable silicone, so it doesn’t irritate your dog’s neck during use. It makes it extremely easy to clean as well, not taking in any dirt or debris.

    It is designed not to go off when other sounds occur. However, if another dog barks directly next to the one wearing the collar, it can trigger a response. So, it is sensitive to noise detection.

    There have been some safety concerns with this collar. While there have been many happy customers, there have also been claims of this product burning dogs necks. If the shock is that strong, it can cause serious damage to your dog’s skin and mental health. Use this product with caution.

    • Easy starter collar
    • Silicone material
    • Shuts off after six consecutive triggers
    • Sensitive noise detection
    • Known to burn skin

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    Buyer’s Guide: Selecting the Best Bark Collars for Large Dogs

    When buying a proper training collar, it is crucial to look at different elements to make the correct choice. After all, some dogs require certain training methods that don’t work for all.

    With bark control, you’ll certainly want it to do its job. Some prefer certain features. So, here are some categories to consider.

    Training Modes

    Collars have different training modes. You can choose from one or a combination of attention-grabbers. Here are their functions.

    A beep serves as an auditory warning and distraction for your dog. They will start to associate the sound with the behavior.
    The vibration feature allows the dog to feel a sensation associated with the behavior.
    The shock feature is not one that some owners want to use. Some folks would even argue that it’s inhumane. However, they are designed to match the needs of more strict reinforcement due to barking.

    Keep in mind that some shock can cause dogs to be fearful (which can worsen some behaviors), so always use this method appropriately.

    Sensitivity Levels

    With each function or mode comes the sensitivity level. You can choose how loud the beep is, how strong the vibration is, and how powerful the shock is. Some collars only come with a single mode, but others can have several to select.

    Magyar Vizsla dog barks
    Image By: anetapics, Shutterstock

    Battery Life

    Battery life can be a very important aspect of the purchase. Most bark collars have a battery life of between 10 and 16 hours per charge. Some also use detection features that automatically turn the collar off when not in use.

    Special Features

    Here are a few particular features you might be looking for in a bark collar.

    Waterproof Design:
    If you plan to have your dog outside and want a safe option for all kinds of weather, consider a waterproof option.
    Bark Detection:
    Some collars have certain detectors that can distinguish your dog’s bark from other noises. It will respond automatically to the bark, so you don’t have to press the button manually.



    PATPET A01 Anti-Bark Training Dog Collar is still our absolute favorite color! It checks all the boxes of what most people are looking for in a dog bark collar, minus the fact it doesn’t have a shock feature. However, this lightweight, durable, easy-to-use collar is top-notch for general barking training.

    GROOVYPETS Rechargeable Waterproof Barking Collar Is ideal for outdoor use. It has incredible reach, has shock features for those who want to use it, and has automatic bark detection included. Plus, it’s priced very well for the features it offers.

    PATPET P650 Anti-Bark Training Collar is a top-notch product offering all the features you could want in a bark collar. We know it’s a little more expensive than some products on the list, but it is sleek, well-made, and fully functional. We think you’ll love it!

    Hopefully, these reviews made the buying process easier for you.

    Featured Image Credit: sophiecat, Shutterstock

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