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Ask Frank: Why Does My Human Dress Me Up?

In this week's column, our funny French Bulldog explains why some humans simply won't let their dogs run around naked.

dogedit  |  Jun 24th 2016

Editor’s note: Earlier this year, we chatted with Frank of Ask Frank fame. This witty and wise French Bulldog dispenses advice over the Internet, on his blog, and in adorable videos. We were thrilled when Frank agreed to become a regular Dogster contributor. Look for his column every Friday on Dogster.

1. Fashion Rules


Dear Frank: Should I match my collar to my jacket?

Fabulous in Foster

Dear Fabulous: There is something to be said for not making your outfits too “matchy-matchy,” and this definitely applies to your collar and jacket. Aim for a coordinated effort, rather than a matching set, to add visual interest and individual flair.


2. Dress Up

Dear Frank: Why does my human dress me up?

Dressed Up in Denver

Play the video to see Frank’s answer.

3. Sniff Worry


Dear Frank: Do you ever worry there are things you forgot to sniff each day? It keeps me up at night. How do I quit worrying?

Sleepless in Saugatuck

Dear Sleepless: There is always going to be a butt you forgot to sniff and a hydrant you missed marking. That’s life. Don’t sweat the small stuff.